Fairtrade is for life, not just a fortnight!

Take a Step for Fairtrade

Take a Step for Fairtrade

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT, February 27th – March 11th 2012, is upon us once again, and this year the Fairtrade Foundation is calling everyone to ‘take a step’ for fairtrade: what steps will you be taking, or have you taken? What are you doing to help your customers take a step?

If you already stock fairtrade products in your shop, excellent: let me know, please, and if your UKCBD entry isn’t already flagged ‘Fairtrade stockist’ then I’ll update it accordingly. Why not take another step for fairtrade this Fairtrade Fortnight by reviewing your stock and adding some new products to your range? Personally I wholeheartedly recommend Divine Chocolate, available on a wholesale basis from PremCrest — where you’ll discover a huge range of ethically and fairly traded products that goes well beyond chocolate — and Traidcraft’s Geobars.

If you don’t stock fairtrade products, then please take this opportunity to rethink your stock policy and do so: every step we take towards a fairer world is surely a step closer to the world Jesus envisaged when he taught his disciples to pray, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven — and if the Christian trade isn’t leading the way in this, what hope is there for the wider trade? Even if it’s just a box of Geobars on the counter, it’s a step in the right direction. Again, please let me know about it and I’ll flag your UKCBD entry accordingly.

Please feel free to post links, photos and reports of your fairtrade displays and activities on the UKCBD facebook page and I’ll aim to post a roundup here towards the end of the fortnight.

Last but not least: when you’ve taken your step, head on over to step.fairtrade.org.uk and add your step; and remember — fairtrade is for life, not just a fortnight!

Looking Back: Some steps already taken (most recent first)

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  1. Hi Phil, we’ve been stocking divine chocolate for a while now and it sells really well on our counter as customers are paying for their purchases! We’re also doing a roaring trade right now on The Real Easter Eggs!

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