News Roundup: The Good News on Friday Edition

NO DOUBT there are many more good news stories kicking around out there waiting to be told, but today, three will suffice…

Update, 10/3/2011: Follow on report from the team at Christian Resources Leicester: Fluttering Flags and Tummies

By Royal Appointment,
Booksellers to the Queen…

YES, I EXAGGERATE: it’s just a Royal Visit, and I guess there’s no guarantee that Her Majesty and her entourage will visit the shop itself in her visit to St Martins House in Leicester on March 8th, but I hope you’ll forgive my feeling a tad excited about this — after all, St Martins House is where I spent five years of my life back when it was Alderman Newton Boys School; and no, I’m not going to tell you how long ago that was. Over to Christian Resources Leicester for a (slightly) more balanced perspective:

Christian Resources Leicester: The secret is out – It’s Official!

Christian Resources Leicester: The secret is out – It’s Official!

We’ve  all been keeping a very hard secret here at Christian Resources.  It’s been very, very hard… but now we can share our excitement and enthusiasm with everyone…

“It has been announced today that Her Majesty the Queen is to visit Leicester Cathedral and St Martins House during her visit to Leicester on March 8th. Her Majesty and His Royal Highness Prince Philip will be joined on the visit by the Duchess of Cambridge.”

We’ve known for a few weeks… Janette’s been busy looking at Jubilee memorabilia online… the decorators have been touching up the paint… and we’ve all been planning what we’ll wear on the day…  We’ll be giving you some more details in the next few days.. but here’s the rest of the official announcement from the Leicester Diocese website…

So what are you waiting for? Click through and read it!!

CLC Wholesale join PubEasy – Official Announcement

ALMOST AS EXCITING, Bowker — the people who run — have now officially announced CLC Wholesale’s participation in the PubEasy programme: wholehearted congratulations to Chris Magee, head of CLC Wholesale UK, and his team on a job well done!

PubEasy Newsflash: CLC Wholesale UK to Join PubEasy as an affiliate

PubEasy Newsflash: CLC Wholesale UK to Join PubEasy as an affiliate

From the announcement, CLC Wholesale UK to Join PubEasy Community:

London, United Kingdom – March 1, 2012 – PubEasy®, the global enquiry and ordering service for the book industry, today announced that CLC Wholesale UK will join its growing, international e-community of booksellers and their suppliers. CLC Wholesale UK is a leading Christian book wholesaler serving Christian bookshops and retailers within the UK and throughout the world. PubEasy is a service of Bowker, an affiliated business of ProQuest.

“We’re very pleased to welcome CLC Wholesale UK as a PubEasy Affiliate,” said Liz McNaughton, European sales manager of PubEasy. “Having them in our community increases the range of Christian titles within PubEasy and so provides a more compelling offer to Christian booksellers. We believe PubEasy will also enhance the service offered by CLC to its customers, enabling them to conduct business anytime, 365 days a year.”

“Joining the PubEasy community provides a valuable e-commerce offering to our customers,” said Chris Magee, head of CLC Wholesale UK. “This will give the CLC product line increased visibility and provide a faster and more efficient service to our customers. We look forward to serving both our UK and International customers through PubEasy.”

SPCK Shortlisted for IPG Specialist Consumer Publisher of the Year Award

CONGRATULATIONS to SPCK Publishing on being shortlisted by IPG, the Independent Publishers Guild, for their Specialist Consumer Publisher of the Year award:

They’re up against Accent Press, Osprey Publishing and Quiller Publishing, but there can only be one winner, to be announced at a gala dinner on March 8th. Now there’s a clash of dates: an exciting day awaits…

5 thoughts on “News Roundup: The Good News on Friday Edition

  1. It’s good that CLC will have a searchable stock system. I can’t quite make up my mind about Pubeasy. On the plus side it has a brilliant copy’n’paste ISBN search facility making searching for lots of items easy. You can also place orders easily and send them. You can also search back orders.
    However, there is no bibliographic information or book jackets. A book may be available but the publisher may only have 1 copy which doesn’t help if you need 10. I also find that Pubeasy says a company has an item in stock but when you look at the company website it sometimes says stock expected in a few days and can be ordered (obbviously it is dependent on the information supplied by the publisher). Theoretically items ordered through pubeasy should be quicker than faxing the individual company but I’m not sure that is talways the reality. But in practical terms I am using them several times a week and increasingly so.

    • Might be worth sending that feedback to Liz McNaughton, Geoff — I always found her and her colleagues at PubEasy helpful and responsive to suggestions…

    • I kind of agree.

      I prefer PubEasy to nothing, but for suppliers who offer both facilities (PubEasy and their own trade site, like Gardners, Bertram) I almost exclusively use their own sites.

      I think the accuracy also varies alot from affiliate to affiliate… Generally, Marston, for example, is accurate, up to date and exhaustive, whereas some others leave much more to be desired.

      I’ve never found receiving PubEasy orders to be any slower than a fax/email, and personally prefer it, because you always get an email response/receipt confirmation, but I guess that it’s a preference / comfort factor thing.

      I think PubEasy is a great ordering tool, but no replacement for a full B2B site, with rich bibliographic data and real time stock levels.

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  3. A wonderful follow on report on the morning after the Queen’s visit from the team at Christian Resources Leicester: Fluttering Flags and Tummies — sad that they had to keep the shop closed “for security reasons” though! A case of over-protectiveness towards our Royals, methinks…

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