Visions of Glory: Reintroducing Caritas Music

REGULAR READERS will need no reminder about one of the best trade sources for Christian music, Caritas Music: an impressive and growing catalogue of labels available, backed up by Katherine Douglas’ personal expertise and carriage-free delivery on all orders with no minimum order requirement. But for those who have not yet had the pleasure of doing business with Katherine, I invited her back for an update.

Katherine writes:

Thanks very much, Phil, for the invite to contribute a guest post, that was very kind of you and a welcome opportunity to write about what my small business Caritas Music Publishing tries to do. First of all for those of you who don’t know me, I am Katharine Douglas and I began my small business Caritas Music Publishing in 1998, originally in Edinburgh, but I relocated in 2006 to NW Scotland. With couriers, Royal Mail and the wonders of email / social media etc, Caritas is still here, I am very proud to say.

Caritas Music: Visions of Glory

Caritas Music: Visions of Glory

When I began Caritas I was — and still am — totally inspired by my father, Composer James Douglas (who wrote the music for 2 of David Adam’s books: Visions of Glory (words from The Edge of Glory, SPCK / Triangle) and Cry of the Deer (meditations from The Cry of the Deer, SPCK / Triangle). I initially wanted to promote, distribute and publish more of his music to Christian bookshops, music stores and also in mainstream shops too. Since then, so many people have told or contacted me to say how his music has inspired them and how it takes them on a journey or gives them wonderful images or visions. Caritas has now produced 16 recordings in total of the music of James Douglas and all of these sell well online, in stores and have even recently been taken to accompany a Trade Cruise Fair in Miami, USA, as well as being chosen to represent the area of Wester Ross in Visitor Centres.

I wanted to grow the business and by talking to customers, they were telling me that they were also looking for additional Classical and Sacred Music to sell in their shops. Gradually over the years, I have added a wealth of Classical, Sacred Music, Classical crossover and many other labels to the Caritas list and these are still growing daily, all be it 13 years later!

My ethos for Caritas is simple, but important, I feel and I hope: I want to take music to shops, to customers, to audiences and to make more people aware of just how much wonderful music there is available and hope that I can help people appreciate that. Each day, I get requests from booksellers to find particular CDs, even individual tracks of music, or perhaps something the customer has heard or read about in the press or somewhere online perhaps. No challenge is unanswered and it is very fulfilling for me, to get a recommendation, that if someone can find a piece of music, then Katharine at Caritas can. What a challenge, but one I relish every day.

Not only do I want to take Classical and Sacred Music to shops, I want to let them come to me, so my website is vital, as well as the newly updated Caritas facebook page, These have been vital in communication, for example, new releases or perhaps details where Caritas will be with stalls of CDs or where our products are now also on sale. However, I fully understand that some bookshops may not have actually heard of Caritas Music Publishing and I thank Phil and UKCBD for giving me the opportunity to tell you what you, as a shop, can get from Caritas.

Currently, shops can open a Trade Account with Caritas: this allows you access to the full catalogue from all of the following labels and artists, gives 30 days credit (from invoice date), NO minimum order requirement and NO carriage charge on any orders. I want to give shops the chance to try some CDs and also to offer a chance for customer orders, in the hope that this will encourage the shops to try more and ultimately sell more CDs in the future.

Labels offered include:

  • UCJ (including Andrea Bocelli, Katherine Jenkins, Military Wives and Voices from Avignon)
  • Naxos
  • Collegium (John Rutter)
  • Taize
  • Chandos
  • EMI (including Libera and King’s College Choir Cambridge)
  • Sony Music (including The Priests & Susan Boyle)
  • Caritas (James Douglas)
  • BBC Audiobooks
  • Coro (The Sixteen and Sacred Music TV Series)
  • Hyperion / Helios.

Thank you for reading this guest post.

Katharine Douglas
Caritas Music Publishing, Achmore, Moss Road, Ullapool, IV26 2TF
Tel: 01854 612236
Email: caritas AT

In Concert…

James Douglas, Katherine Douglas and soloist Richard Mein in concert, 2009, Macphail Theatre, NW Scotland

James Douglas, Katherine Douglas and soloist Richard Mein in concert, 2009, Macphail Theatre, NW Scotland (click to zoom)

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