News Roundup: The New Bookshops Opening Edition

THIS is the sort of post I love to post, oh yes. Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, and HERE is where the bookshops is. I fear the Bath may have overflowed, however, as they’ve built an ARK in Grantham, with plans to go to the rescue in Nottingham…

First Microshop now open in Bath

IF YOU’RE ON Richard Greatrex’s facebook friends list or follow the Windflower Books blog then this is old news, of course, but it takes time for these things to filter out into the wider world. Reported in the Bath Chronicle yesterday, Micro bookshop opens in church:

Bath Chronicle, 22/3/2012: Microbookshop opens in church

Bath Chronicle, 22/3/2012: Microbookshop opens in church

The first of a new series of Christian micro bookshops has opened in Bath.

The A Great Read mini-shop at St Michael’s Church in Broad Street will fill a gap left by the sudden closure of the Wesley Owen store in St James’s Parade.

It is being launched by the Rev Richard Greatrex, who managed the Wesley Owen store, and online bookseller David Wavre…

Initial sales have been encouraging, says Richard, matching sales on some days in the recently closed Wesley Owen store, where he served as manager.

Volunteers are urgently needed to help run the shop: if you or anyone you know is interested, please give Richard a shout: full contact details on the Windflower Books facebook page.

Meanwhile —

Meanwhile, plans for a Bristol site are moving slowly forward. It will be amazingly exciting if we get the church venue we are negotiating on. A self-contained shop adjacent to a church café in a prime situation. The focus for this shop would be Faith and the Arts, so that while it would have space to stock all the normal resources of a Christian bookshop, as well as secondhand books, it would be specialising in the interface between faith and the visual arts, music and literature.

… and the good news is that the PCC at the Bristol church, St Stephen’s in the City, have approved the project on the condition that “the stock range is similar to that at SPCK Bristol”. Go ahead is subject to finding enough volunteers for the Bath shop. Did I already mention that? Volunteers needed in Bath, please! 🙂

Go, gentlemen, go!

Hope on the horizon for Nottingham as the ARK arrives in Grantham

CONGRATULATIONS to husband and wife team David Moreton and Sharon Moreton-Evans on their acquisition of the stock of the Christian Book Centre in Beeston (forced to close earlier this year to make way for a tramline) and the subsequent opening of a new Christian bookshop in Grantham, ARK Books, as reported by Christ Church Chilwell; select their ‘Local News/Events’ tab:

A.R.K Acts of Random Kindness David Moreton and his wife Sharon Moreton-Evans have taken over the stock of the Christian Book Centre in Beeston. A.R.K are offering an ordering service with FREE delivery in this area using their own couriers. Please contact Sally Hodges (local rep) 0115 9280280 or Sharon Moreton-Evans 01476 563556 A.R.K is about to open their first bookshop in Grantham and are in the process of creating a website. They are also hoping to open a shop in Nottingham.

The website mentioned is now live at It’s early days yet and very much a work in progress, but here’s a screenshot of the work so far:

ARK Books, Grantham: Acts of Random Kindness

ARK Books, Grantham: Acts of Random Kindness

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