The Big UKCBD Spring Clean

The car didn’t get me, but the cardboard did…

The car didn’t get me, but the cardboard did…

IF YOU’RE BRAVE OR FOOLHARDY ENOUGH (take your pick) to follow my personal blog, you’ll know that I’m laid up at the moment with a broken ankle, which is a wee bit of a nuisance when it comes to important things like carrying mugs of coffee from A to B.

The situation does have its advantages, however, as it gives me an inordinate amount of time for blogging, facebook, reading, updating UKCBD and tweeting (not necessarily in that order, of course). The amount of time I dedicate to UKCBD will vary from day to day, but this year it should be substantially more than has been possible in previous years’ spring cleaning attempts.

If you’re a bookseller, please do take advantage of this opportunity to review your entry and let me know if any changes are needed. In particular, please check that your opening times are correct; and if there’s no photo of your shop, please feel free to send me one or to give the URL.

UK Christian Bookshops DirectoryIf you’re a bookshop customer, publisher or anyone else, likewise, please let me know if you notice any out of date entries.

In the meantime, you can keep track of the latest updates on the Directory homepage or backtrack through them on the Latest Updates page here.

Last but not least, my apologies to those who have sent me update requests which have not yet been actioned: that should be corrected over the next few weeks, but please do feel free to send me any reminders.


4 thoughts on “The Big UKCBD Spring Clean

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