GoodBookstall Update: Shout out to publishers and authors!

Update 7/5/2012
The latest GoodBookstall Newsletter is now available: Goodbookstall at CRE & Change of Address for Review Copies
The Good Book Stall

The Good Book Stall

IT’S ALL CHANGE at TheGoodBookstall for publishers and authors who want to submit review copies; please read, mark and inwardly digest:

Please note that as from 4/5/2012 all Review Copies for now need to be sent to:

Melanie Carroll, (GoodBookstall)
c/o Unicorn Tree Books
35/40 Lincoln Central Market
Sincil Street
Lincoln. LN5 7ET

and NOT to the Editor, Mary Bartholomew, due to a new system in place.

In future Melanie Carroll is first contact about books for review and will be the person contacting you about review copies etc; Mary Bartholomew remains the Editor and contact for books that have been reviewed and other aspects of TGBS.

Please can you pass this information on to your publicity/marketing department and to any connections you have with other publishers etc.

Thank you.

One thought on “GoodBookstall Update: Shout out to publishers and authors!

  1. Thanks, Phil. Mary has just said that any handover like this is a big one so it’s “work in progress” and everyone will have to bear with us all if we are slow at times, especially as Mary and Melanie have a busy time ahead with CRE, CRT etc

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