What are people saying about your shop?

Wesley Owen Glasgow: Qype Reviews

Wesley Owen Glasgow: Qype Reviews

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING about your shop? As I’m working my way through the UKCBD database it’s fascinating finding out what people are saying about their local Christian bookshops. If you haven’t discovered Qype yet, it’s well worth a look. This snapshot shows the reviews page for Wesley Owen Glasgow, for instance:

To find out what they’re saying about your shop, either run a Google search for your shop + qype or search directly on qype itself … you could be in for some interesting surprises. As with Google Place Pages, as a business owner you can claim your qype page, which then puts you in a position to respond to reviews and allows you to update your business info. It’s another free service: the only cost to you is a little (more) time.

As well as facebook Like buttons and a Comments box, most updated UKCBD entries now feature a ‘News & Notes’ section where I’m adding links to qype reviews, local/national media reports and blog posts: if your shop finds its way into the news, please let me know and I’ll gladly add it to your News & Notes section…

Wesley Owen Glasgow

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information on QYPE, Phil, I didn’t know it existed.
    The reviews are very good for the Wesley Owen shop. Well done to the staff for making it a great experience for customers.

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