Trade Distribution Update: Abingdon Press leaving Alban Books


From the 1st June 2012 Abingdon Press will no longer be distributed by Alban Books in the UK/Europe. Abingdon Press returns will be accepted at Marston Book Services until the 30th September 2012. A replacement European distributor has not yet been assigned.

Alban Books

Abingdon Press

2 thoughts on “Trade Distribution Update: Abingdon Press leaving Alban Books

  1. Have relations between Marston and publishers really become that strained that Abingdon would be willing to move even without another UK distributor in place?

    Perhaps they will consider Macmillan, like SPCK and Continuum. As much as I would prefer them to stay with a christian distributor who offer free shopping, At least it would slightly improve our ability to build up orders with Macmillan.

  2. Hi Luke,
    I think that, to be fair to both Marston and Abingdon, I should point out that the relationship is between Alban and Abingdon and Marston has had nothing to do with Abingdon’s decision to leave Alban. Their business has increasingly moved toward digital and they felt it now suited them best to operate without an exclusive UK distributor. Alban remains committed to Marston Book Services and all other publishers currently distributed through Alban will continue to be available from them.
    Jonny (Alban Books MD)

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