Boring but Necessary Notice about Cookies

YOU ALREADY KNOW about cookies. No, not the chocolate variety, the little text files that your web browser stores on your computer’s hard drive as you surf your way around the web, that web servers use to track where you’ve been and generate visitor stats or enable online shopping services and so on and so forth.

Like Planet Earth in the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, they’re basically harmless, but the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) has decided that we’re all idiots and need to be warned about them.

Consider yourselves warned, duly informed and notified; and to make sure you remain informed, I’ve updated the UKCBD Disclaimer, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and posted a pretty red link at the top of every page in the Directory to draw it to your attention. So go read it.

As you were, people.


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