Broken News: Farewell to Christian Marketplace as Premier/CCP pull the plug

13/6/2012: Clem Jackson writes: Christian Marketplace and The Christian Marketplace

13/6/2012: Clem Jackson writes: Christian Marketplace and The Christian Marketplace

SAD NEWS waits in the inboxes of  CRT2012 delegates who left early as Premier/CCP have pulled the plug on the Christian book trade’s only dedicated magazine, Christian Marketplace. Clem Jackson, who joined the magazine as Deputy Editor in 2005 before taking over the Editor’s role from Phil Whittall in September 2006, announced the decision at the end of the conference and has written to the trade explaining the decision as “a consequence of increasing costs outpacing revenues, declining numbers of High Street Christian bookshops and the rise of digital sales.”

Clem goes on to outline the magazine’s history under his editorship as it was made available free of charge in 2006, then reduced  from monthly to bi-monthly in 2010 to make way for the consumer mini-mag, The Christian Marketplace, also supplied free of charge. Concluding, Clem expresses his thanks and appreciation to all those who have supported both him and the magazine during  “an interesting if somewhat turbulent journey”:

I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to our advertisers who, in difficult times, have continued to spend money advertising in our titles. I take that to mean they value the magazines, as I know you, the readers, do – because you frequently tell me.

In my time as editor I have developed a great admiration for the whole of this trade and it has been a pleasure to serve you all. I have made some great friendships and I hope that these will continue in the future.

Finally, I want to thank you for your support and encouragement to me, and the fantastic (small) team I work with at Christian Marketplace, over the years; it’s been an interesting if somewhat turbulent journey.

» Read the full letter (pdf, 217kb)

The final issue of Christian Marketplace will be September 2012, due out 31st August. The Christian Marketplace, the consumer mini-mag, is expected to continue as a bi-annual, with the October 2012 edition followed by a Spring-Summer issue (28th February 2013) and an Autumn-Winter issue (29th September 2013).

Clem, I salute you and take this opportunity to echo those words of thanks and appreciation right back to you: it was a privilege to work with with you and to write for you, and whatever differences we may have had, I was sorry when those days came to an end. May the Lord bless you and keep you, wherever you find yourself next.

Ian Matthews, who preceded both Clem and Phil Whittall at the magazine’s helm as its founding editor — and now editor of the new online Christian news portal — has posted his own reflections on its rise and fall: Goodbye Christian Marketplace.

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  1. Just to clarify, many retailers and others in the trade heard the news form the horse’s mouth as such as i made the announcement as part of my closing of the event at High Leigh. The whole communication process was designed to run at the conclusion of the event so as not to put a dampener on what was a truly wonderful retreat – big, big thanks to Steve and mandy Briars

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