UKCBD News Roundup: The #CRT2012 Awards Edition

WHOLEHEARTED CONGRATULATIONS to all the CRT2012 Award Winners, with further congratulations to those award winners who have been proactive in publicising their awards: press releases and tweets included in the roundup below. This is an occasion when the UK Christian book and retail trade can rightly celebrate its achievements, and to those who haven’t shouted out their awards yet I simply offer you the words of Jesus himself:

You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. (Mt 5.14-16, NRSV)

My thanks to Steve Briars, event organiser, for providing the full winners list, to Dave Lock for the photographs, with further thanks to the award sponsors, without whose support these awards simply would not happen. I’ve split the awards into four sections:

Winners’ names are linked to twitter/facebook profiles and other links are included where known… Christian Resources Together

People and Publishers
Starting with two of our Elder Statesmen, if I may use such a term: gentlemen, I salute you both, and I fear my attempts below to summarise your remarkable and overlapping careers fail miserably to do either of you justice…

Guy, I think, is pretty well known to most of us, having served on the BA Christian Booksellers Group (BA CBG) for longer than I suspect he cares to remember during a career in retail that’s taken him from the Crusader Book Centre through St Andrew’s to Quench before his retirement at the end of 2011. Still actively involved with the Good Bookstall and Speaking Volumes (Christian Book Promotion Trust).

Long Service Award, Retailer, presented to Guy Marshall (right)

Long Service Award, Retailer, presented to Guy Marshall (right)

Eddie is equally well known I think, with a career spanning 10 years on the frontline as a bookseller before heading up STL in its prime whilst serving on the BA CBG followed by seven years as  Charity Manager at CWR (I’m exhausted just constructing that sentence). Still with CWR on a part-time basis working on their Asian portfolio in Singapore whilst also serving as a trustee with Speaking Volumes (Christian Book Promotions Trust), blogging the book trade and now acting in a consultative role with CLC Wholesale as they review and refine their systems…

Eddie Olliffe receives the Long Service Award, Supplier

Long Service Award, Supplier, presented to Eddie Olliffe

… which conveniently brings us to a wonderful double win for CLC:

CLC’s press release gives a modest summary of what they’ve achieved and a good indication of why the awards are so richly deserved, CLC wins two awards at trade event:

At the awards ceremony of Christian Resources Together, a trade fair for retailers and suppliers held 12th-13th June at The Hayes Conference Centre (Swanwick), CLC was chosen as Distributor of the Year and also as Retail Group of the Year. Both awards came as a surprise to the CLC folk at the event! They will certainly serve as a great encouragement to us all as we go about our daily tasks, seeking to get trustworthy resources into people’s hands so that lives are transformed. National Director Phil Burnham accepted the Retail Group of the Year award on behalf of the team and paid tribute to our full and part time retail staff who, through their time and effort, have got us to where we are today. He also thanked the Christian trade for their prayers for the ministry. Via this webpage, we would also like to make a special  mention of the great work done by Geoff Fanning, our Head of Retail, who has had the sometimes onerous task of overseeing 21 bookshops and their teams. The past year has been exceptionally busy and challenging: we have relocated three bookshops (InvernessLeicester & London) and have refitted one (Kingston), staff shortages (some due to illness or holidays) have brought about all sorts of creative solutions across the miles, and the many supply chain offers and changes have been little short of mind-boggling. Chris Magee, our Head of Wholesale, accepted the Distributor of the Year award on behalf of the warehouse team. In his words of acknowledgement and thanks, he spoke of the commitment and dedication of the warehouse team, of their love for the Lord and for what they do in serving our valued customers.

Hot on the tail of CLC, it’s another double win, this time for Teal Press:

Sales Person of the Year Award presented to Jon Adams (left) by Clem Jackson

Sales Person of the Year Award presented to Jon Adams (left), National Sales Manager Teal Press, by Clem Jackson

Next up,  an impressive double hat trick for Lion Hudson, with three awards, one for the third year running:

ACW Outstanding Contribution to Christian Publishing Award presented to Pat Alexander

ACW Outstanding Contribution to Christian Publishing Award presented to Pat Alexander (left) by Mel Menzies

Publisher of the Year Award presented to Paul Clifford (left), Lion Hudson, by Mark Clifford, Chairman, BA CBG

Publisher of the Year Award presented to Paul Clifford (left), Lion Hudson, by Mark Clifford, Chairman, BA CBG

Here’s an excerpt from their press release, Lion Hudson Wins Top Award at Christian Resources Together 2012:

Lion Hudson is delighted to announce that we have once again been awarded Publisher of the Year at the Christian Resources Together 2012 Awards, sponsored by BA-CBG. This is the third year in a row that we have received this prestigious award! We were also very proud to see The One-Stop Bible Atlas by Nick Page win the Reference Book of the Year award, sponsored by CLC Wholesale. Topping the bill however was Pat Alexander, original co-founder of Lion Publishing, who was honoured with a special Outstanding Contribution to Christian Publishing award, sponsored by the Association of Christian Writers. Pat and her late husband David Alexander created the bestselling The Lion Handbook to the Bible.  Pat is also the author of a number of Lion Children’s Books titles, notably the The Lion First Bible.


Jim Mckee, Bookshop Manager, has updated his facebook profile photo with a shot of himself holding the award certificate: “This is for all the wonderful staff in portadown fm Bk shop and. Coffee shop…”  (you may need to be on Jim’s friends list for access).

Group Retail Shop of the Year: Jim Mckee (centre) receives the award on behalf of FM Portadown

Group Retail Shop of the Year: Jim Mckee (centre) receives the award on behalf of FM Portadown

Independent Small Retailer of the Year Award presented to Origin Books & Media, Woking

Independent Small Retailer of the Year Award presented to Origin Books & Media, Woking

Products 1. Books

  • Book of the Year: Simply Jesus, Tom Wright, SPCK
  • Award Sponsor: Nielsen

Tweeted by Eddie Olliffe and announced by SPCK in their 15/6/2012 eNews:

Simply Jesus wins Book of the Year Award Tom Wright’s recent bestseller, Simply Jesus, scooped the Book of the Year Award at this year’s Christian Resources Together conference in Swanwick, Derbyshire. The event was attended by sales staff Raymond Witty and Alan Mordue. Alan, who accepted the award on behalf of SPCK, said “we are grateful to have an author on our list who appeals so broadly to both Christian and non-Christian readers.”

  • Youth Book of the Year: Rise, Jason and Rachel Gardner, IVP
  • Award Sponsor: B&H

Announced by thinkivp eNews and on facebook:

Over 12s Book of the Year Winner 2012: Rise, Jason and Rachel Gardner

thinkivp eNews: Over 12s Book of the Year Winner 2012

Tweeted by Jo Pountney:

  • Fiction Book of the Year, Her Daughter’s Dream, Francine Rivers, Tyndale House
  • Award Sponsor: CCT

Tweeted by Jo Pountney and TM Distribution, Jo retweeted by Tyndale House:  2. Music

  • Praise and Worship Album of the Year: 10,000 Reasons, Matt Redman, Kingsway
  • Award Sponsor: CCLI

Tweeted by Christian Resources Leicester:

  • Contemporary Album of the Year: Light the Sky, Soul Survivor, Survivor/Kingsway
  • Award Sponsor: Bible Society
  • Gospel Album of the Year: Gospel’s Best Worship, EMI/Kingsway
  • Award Sponsor: Toybox

3. Other Products

  • Card & Gift Product of the Year, Sports Notebook, Penfold
  • Award Sponsor: HarperCollins

Tweeted by and available from TM Distribution:

  • Children’s Media Product of the Year: What’s in the Bible? Wanderin’ in the Desert, Phil Vischer, Jellyfish/Kingsway
  • Award Sponsor: Lion Hudson

Wildcard: the award that wasn’t made but should have been…

  • Social Media Star of the Year: Melanie Carroll

I make this award on behalf of UKCBD for Melanie’s awesome tweeting throughout the event as well as her impressive use of social media — both facebook and twitter — through the rest of the year, not only on her own behalf but on behalf of the Good Bookstall. If you, beloved reader, are not following Melanie and the Good Bookstall on twitter, you should be: Eddie Olliffe comes in a close second, and you can see them both in unofficial tweet-up mode courtesy of Steve Mitchell; click through Steve’s link: you’ll be glad you did…

CRT2012: The Buzz…

CRT2012: Meeting the Suppliers

CRT2012: Meeting the Suppliers

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  1. Many congratulations to Phil and all the team at Origin, who are my local Christian bookshop. They are hard-working, helpful, friendly and look to find new ways of connecting this important ministry with the local church. A thoroughly deserved award!

  2. Great coverage here Phil, you have done an amazing job, just wanted to say thankyou for putting all of this together with so many links and helpful websites, where would our trade be without you!

  3. Thanks Phil for UKCBD Award 😀
    it was my pleasure to tweet it out to those that couldn’t be there themselves and it also meant i couldn’t lose my notes from the sessions this year as they are immortalised on my twitterstream ;D
    It was a great 2 days and I hope that next year even more of us can make it and take part.

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  5. Thank you all for the comments; but thanks most of all to all the amazing people we have in our trade, without whom, etc…

    To God be the glory, through whom all things are possible and by whom nothing is impossible.

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