10Publishing: Introducing the 10ofthose publishing division

10ofthose.comMOST CHRISTIAN RETAILERS are no doubt aware of 10ofthose.com, but what you may have missed is the publishing division, 10Publishing:

10Publishing is the publishing house of The 10 Group. It is committed to producing quality Christian resources that are both Biblical and accessible.

27 items are currently available from authors including, amongst others, Timothy Keller, Roger Carswell and Mark Ashton; and prices are kept as low as possible:

The pricing structure of our products is managed quite differently perhaps from other publishers. Because our passion is to see Bible–centred resources read by as many people as possible we seek to keep our sale prices very, very low – often just a pound or two. We would rather sell twice as many products for less money because we believe in the content of the product.

As well as selling direct online, Jonathan Carswell, the company’s MD, is keen to expand their existing work with retailers to ensure that these titles and other offers are made accessible to everyone. Want to know more? Sign up to their trade newsletter then watch your inbox…

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