Apologies for any inconvenience caused whilst UKCBD is temporarily unavailable: please refer to the site backup

Update, 30/6/2012: I’m pleased to report that 123-reg.co.uk eventually made contact on 25/6/2012. Whilst they were most apologetic for the problems they did not offer any explanation. UKCBD is now therefore hosted elsewhere (with simbahosting.co.uk, a much smaller organisation but one that offers a more personal and prompt service). The site is also backed up and mirrored at ukcbd.co.uk and ukcbd.org.uk.

Update, 25/6/2012: After 24 hours downtime, I’m delighted to report that UKCBD is now back online at christianbookshops.org.uk. As yet, however, no acknowledgement of the problem or explanation has been forthcoming from 123-reg.co.uk.

Original Post 24/6/2012

Update, 8.55pm, 24/6/2012
Unfortunately 123-reg.co.uk have failed to respond to my support requests and the main site remains down. The backup, however, may now be accessed via ukcbd.org.uk. Once again, my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

UKCBD (christianbookshops.org.uk) is temporarily unavailable: please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused. A site backup is available here:


I discovered the problem early this morning (Sunday 24/6/2012) and have submitted an urgent support request to 123-reg.co.uk, who provide the site’s hosting service, and am now awaiting their response.

Further announcements will be posted as and when more information becomes available.

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