Ask and it shall be given to you, link and they shall find

Find your local bookshopTHE BUTTONS ARE HERE and they’re yours to use. There’s the BA’s Find your local bookshop button and there’s the brand new UKCBD Discover your local Christian Bookshop button: pick one or pick both but please use them to help your website visitors discover their nearest bookshop.

Discover your local Christian BookshopAnd to make it even easier to add them, here’s the code you need; if you’re not sure what to do with it, ask your website manager:

For the BA button:

<a href=""><img title="Find your local bookshop" src="" alt="Find your local bookshop" width="150" height="144" /></a>

For the UKCBD button:

<a href=""><img title="Discover your local Christian Bookshop" src="" alt="Discover your local Christian Bookshop" width="150" height="75" /></a>

Bigger Buttons Available!
Want to go large? No problem:

Find your local bookshop

Discover your local Christian Bookshop

Simply adapt the code using these details:

BA Button:

UKCBD Button:

Want it customised? No problem!
So, you’d like a UKCBD button to link direct to your own UKCBD entry, eh? Ask and it shall be given to you, link and they shall find. Here’s one for my favourite Christian bookshop…

Discover Lincoln's Christian Bookshop

… and here are two for Leicester, with ready-to-go code below:

Discover Leicester's Christian Bookshops Discover Christian Resources Leicester
<a href=""><img title="Discover Leicester's Christian Bookshops" src="" alt="Discover Leicester's Christian Bookshops" width="180" height="90" /></a>
<a href=""><img title="Discover Christian Resources Leicester" src="" alt="Discover Christian Resources Leicester" width="180" height="90" /></a>

Copy Freely
Please feel free to copy the buttons and host them on your own website if you prefer, but there’s no need to do so; and if you’d like to modify the UKCBD button code to link direct to your town via the Town & City Index, likewise, please feel free to do so: just pick a town, any town, and link to your heart’s content!

2 thoughts on “Ask and it shall be given to you, link and they shall find

  1. Hi phil
    We would love a button that connects straight to us from other church websites in Leicester, could you do us one please?!
    Great idea to do these!

    • Consider it done, Karen: see above. One for those who’d like to link to the Leicester section, since Leicester has several Christian bookshops, of course; and one for those who’d like to link direct to your entry 🙂

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