News Roundup: The Two Worlds Party Edition

THERE’S RARELY A DULL MOMENT in the world of Christian retailing and August is off to a good start already with celebrations in Chorley, a sponsored cycle ride from Doncaster to France, flowers in Shrewsbury and boosted sales in Staines. When I first started compiling these notes it was all good news, but sadly one unhappy story has emerged as Ladyhead Christian bookshop and café, St Andrews, has announced its closure this autumn…

Chorley: Two Worlds Celebrates 35 Years Trading

Discover Chorley's Christian BookshopWHOLEHEARTED CONGRATULATIONS to Miriam Ogden and her team at Two Worlds Christian Book Centre, Chorley, celebrating the shop’s 35th anniversary this weekend. A simple facebook announcement says it all:

Two Worlds Christian Book Centre: Please join with us on the 4th August (Saturday) 10am onwards. We are hoping to have a day of Celebration and Thanksgiving for the Lord allowing us to have been in business for 35 years. Refreshments throughout the day (not Curry and Chips though!)

Celebrating 35 years: Two Worlds Christian Book Centre facebook announcement: Please join with us on the 4th August (Saturday)…

Doncaster: Church’s Andrew Thompsett takes to the road

Doncaster Free Press, 3/8/2012: Andrew saddling up for his own Tour de France journey

Doncaster Free Press, 3/8/2012: Andrew saddling up for his own Tour de France journey

BRADLEY WIGGINS LOOK OUT! As reported in the Doncaster Free Press, following his remarkable recovery from prostate cancer, Andrew Thompsett of Church’s Christian Bookshop and Coffee Shop, Doncaster, is setting out on his own mini Tour-de-France in a sponsored cycle ride to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Charity and Spring Harvest Holidays:

Andrew Thompsett, from Bentley, will be setting off from his home on Sunday, pedalling 500 miles over seven days to get to the southern French holiday location at La Pas Opton in the Vendee region.

The gruelling trip is made even more remarkable giving that Andrew, 56, was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the start of the year.

He said: “Thankfully the cancer was discovered early and was very small.

“I was placed on a programme of observation which requires me to undergo tests every three months to closely monitor what is happening.

“I firmly believed that I could be healed of this cancer and whilst awaiting the next round of tests which took place in May I have prayed and been prayed for, specifically for the cancer to be taken away. Following the biopsies in May I have been told that the cancer is no longer present.”

To sponsor Andrew, visit one of his fundraising pages:

Shrewsbury: Illuminating the Flower Show

IF FLOWERS ARE YOUR THING, get on your bike and head for Shrewsbury, where you’ll find the team from Illuminate lighting up the flower show next weekend:

Illuminate at Shrewsbury Flower Show, August 10th and 11th, 2012

Illuminate at Shrewsbury Flower Show, August 10th and 11th, 2012

Come and visit Illuminate at Stand 29 at the Flower Show this year – and bring all your horticulturally minded friends!   We aim to be a “Light at the Flower Show”.

A team of volunteers will be on hand to talk to visitors and we shall be selling Bibles, a selection of books, cards (most of which will have a flowery theme!) and a variety gifts.   We shall also have a variety of leaflets to give out to people.   Because we wont [sic] have a huge stock at the Stand we shall give all visitors a 10% discount card to spend in the Shop anytime before the end of August!

So please come along and have a chat.   And if you’re not coming to the Flower Show then please do pray for the team there – especially that we shall meet new people, have useful conversations and be an encouragement to all.

St Andrews: The Ladyhead Prepares to Close Down

SAD NEWS has emerged from St Andrews via facebook as the Ladyhead Christian Bookshop and Coffee Shop, founded in 1984, has announced that it will closing down in October:

The Ladyhead, St Andrew's: It is official the Ladyhead book and coffee shop hae [sic] come to the end of the road and will be closing on 5th October 2012...

The Ladyhead, St Andrew’s: It is official the Ladyhead book and coffee shop hae [sic] come to the end of the road and will be closing on 5th October 2012…

Staines: Local Vicar’s recommendation boosts sales

A LOCAL VICAR’S RECOMMENDATION has boosted sales of John Woolmer’s Encounters: Authentic Experiences of God (Monarch, £7.99) at Canaan Christian Bookshop in Staines. Andy Gilmour, shop manager, explains:

A local vicar not far from Staines has recently been recommending a book from CANAAN to his congregation for their holiday reading. So far he has sold 36 copies!

Encounters: Authentic Experiences of God by John Woolmer. Published by Monarch. £7.99

This book has been written to record the experiences of a wide variety of Christians which seem, to them, to establish the existence of God and in particular the truth of the risen Christ beyond reasonable doubt. Each of these people, they believe, has encountered Christ. For some such experiences happened at the point of their conversion. For others they are a repeated occurrence. ‘We need,’ explains John Woolmer, ‘to be able to tell people about our spiritual journey’. The book will comprise 44 short accounts, each with appropriate explanation and commentary if needed. Sources include known and unknown but include such historical figures as St Augustine and Jonathan Edwards as well as many contemporary believers.

It reminded me again of  how important it is for us (particularly if we have any position in a church) to recommend books which we have read which will encourage others in their faith…

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  1. Good grief a minister recomening a book and a Christian bookshop. Now we just need a few more ministers supporting their local Christian bookshop and leaving internet ordering behind!

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