Subversive Evangelism? Gina Davies introduces JC Threads and the art of wearing your faith

DO YOU WEAR YOUR FAITH? I used to, in my late teens/early twenties: I went everywhere in an ex-USAF combat jacket with ‘Jesus Rules’ scrawled on the back in marker pen and a selection of clothes pegs hanging from its frayed edges. Looking back, I suspect it stopped more conversations than it started. But that was 30 years ago and Christian clothing has moved on a bit since then, courtesy of people such as Gina Davies, the artist and designer behind JC Threads.

At present most JC Threads sales are online or at Christian events around the country, but Gina would love to see more Christian bookshops stocking the range, so I invited her to tell us all about it. If you like what you see, give her a shout: contact details at the end or  find out more on facebook

Gina Davies

Gina Davies

JC Threads was set up in September 2010 as an outlet for me to use the artistic talent that God had given me to spread the word of God through designing Christian clothing. When I tried to buy Christian T-shirts in the past, they tended to be something I would not necessarily wear myself. I set about to change the way people viewed Christian T shirts by designing what I thought to be trendy and cool designs. I wanted them to be relevant to both young and old and also tried to use colours that I thought would have mass appeal. We have taken on board customer feedback and have subsequently added more vibrant colours and have also included a lady fit option in addition to the straight cut T-shirts that we do.

Lady fit options also available...

Lady fit options also available…

Some of the designs have really bold statements and are popular with those who are not shy about proclaiming their faith. I have also developed designs that are more subtle, and not ‘in your face’ as it were. It is my dream to have some of my designs worn by non Christians too as they would inadvertently be spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Subtle or in-your-face designs: the choice is yours

Subtle or in-your-face designs: the choice is yours

I originally started designing T-shirts and have now moved onto designing hoodies and cushion covers as well. Several Christian bookstores are now stocking our T shirts and hoodies and I would love for my products to feature in more bookstores around the UK. The majority of our sales come from Christian events and festivals and the website attracts a steady stream of customers but the challenge as always is to stay on top of those search engines.

Life Hoodies - Living In Faith Every Day

Life Hoodies – Living In Faith Every Day

Our products can be viewed online at or if you would like to contact me, you can email me: *

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