John Paculabo RIP

JOHN PACULABO, Managing Director of Kingsway Music for over 20 years, has died.

I personally only knew John as an adversary in our exchanges here as he sought to defend Kingway’s integrity and that of his employees: he was a fighter to the end. I am intensely saddened that I never had the opportunity to know the other side of him that so many people in the Christian retail trade saw. I therefore leave it to others to pay tribute to him and his remarkable legacy:

From Eddie Olliffe:

From Legacy and John Pac, by Jeff Simmons, one of his ministry partners, who had the privilege of being at John’s bedside as he died:

John, wearing an oxygen mask and sitting upright in his bedroom chair, motioned for all of us to enter. We sat all around him, and he asked us to pray. Three different countries and cultures, yet all joined in the love of Christ and the desire to see God’s Kingdom furthered in our world. The prayer time was deep and rich, and then John, although labored in his breathing, motioned for us to talk about the work in Brazil. He was so intentional to see that this work would continue and even grow. Although it was difficult for him to speak, he guided us to work together on a ministry that would far outlive him. For three hours, we worked, dreamed, cried and crafted what, we pray, will have eternal implications in countless lives and far outlive us all for God’s glory.

I watched a patriarch live and die. Someone who has impacted our world for Christ through worship and missions. In his last days, he was surrounded by his family, friends and others so he could pass on what is most important to him. We will all die. It is a fact. What matters is how we live. John’s family loves him. They respect him and have been blessed by him. His ministry partners love him. Our world is changed because of his life. Now, he waits to hear those words from the One he loves the most, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter into your rest.”