Taming the Tiger withdrawn from sale after EA investigation

Update, 17/7/2013: The following announcement was posted by Avanti Ministries this morning:

After much prayer Avanti have decided the time has come to close its ministries.

The Board of Avanti ministries would like to thank all for their support and prayers over the years and give thanks to God for so much achieved in so many lives.

AUTHENTIC MEDIA have withdrawn the Christian bestseller Taming the Tiger from sale following an Evangelical Alliance investigation which concluded that “large sections of the book… which claim to tell the true story of Tony Anthony’s life, do not do so.”

The extent of the alleged falsifications within the book — which include changed names and unverifiable claims about the author’s life as well as evidence of plagiarism — was reported at some length by Gavin Drake at the beginning of this month: Globe-trotting “Kung-Fu Bodyguard” evangelist investigated over biography lies (CrossWire, 1/7/2013).

Authentic Media Press Release, 15 July 2013: Official Taming the Tiger Statement from Authentic Media (pdf, 139kb)

Authentic Media Press Release, 15 July 2013: Official Taming the Tiger Statement from Authentic Media (pdf, 139kb)

Official Taming the Tiger Statement from Authentic Media

Last year, Authentic Media was made aware of the allegations against Tony Anthony, and was presented with new information that challenged his story, as told in Taming the Tiger.

In discussion with Avanti, Tony Anthony’s ministry, Authentic Media insisted that an external and independent review be held. In response, Avanti invited the Evangelical Alliance to hold an inquiry into Tony’s story. This inquiry has now been completed, and has concluded that sections of the book are not true.

Tony, however strongly defends his story – though he acknowledges that the recent information that he has received about his early life requires him to update and clarify his story. As a consequence, Authentic Media is withdrawing from sale, with immediate effect, the following titles:

  • Taming the Tiger
  • Cry of the Tiger
  • Taming the Tiger DVD

Our prayer in this difficult situation has been for truth, clarity and grace. Many people have come to faith through Tony’s testimony and the ministry of Avanti, and we pray their relationship with God will continue grow and deepen. We also pray for Tony, his family and Avanti Ministries.

Retailers with concerns are advised to contact their Area Sales Manager or Trust Media Customer Services.

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5 thoughts on “Taming the Tiger withdrawn from sale after EA investigation

  1. HI Phil, thanks for keeping us up to date with this. I see so much of what happened with me and the evangelist I was hired to write about. Exactly the same evasive style. I see the original book was co-authored, surely the writer should have done what I did and checked the facts. I have been chatting to this with Monarch who hired me and we all agree that this is what could have happened to us if our story had gone ahead. It’s absolutely shocking the bullshit people buy into in ‘the name of God’. Methinks He’s cleaning up his church. I’m involved with another evangelist bullshit story in the US through a screenwriting contract and that’s also coming to light.

    God bless Fiona

    • It’s a sad and tawdry looking business; and whilst there’s no excuse for plagiarism, if (and it looks like a big if) the story does have any basis in reality, much of the controversy could have been avoided by a simple disclaimer at the outset: “Names, dates and places have been changed in order to protect those involved” — but the fact that such a simple remedy was never used does seem to suggest an intent to deceive 😦

    • She who is without sin cast the first stone – How about you (craftywriter) removing your comments above because of your foul language. Even Eastenders, with all its filth, has never use the word s**** in its programming.

      • Your comment, Paul, reminds me of this quote from Tony Campolo:

        I have three things I’d like to say today. First, while you were sleeping last night, 30,000 kids died of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. Second, most of you don’t give a shit. What’s worse is that you’re more upset with the fact that I said shit than the fact that 30,000 kids died last night.

        Personally I find Tony Anthony’s misrepresentation of his life story far more offensive than Fiona’s use of the word “bullshit” to describe that misrepresentation; and personally, I don’t think Jesus — who never minced his words — would find such an appropriate epithet offensive either.

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