Day of Prayer for the Christian Book/Retail Trade #dayofprayer

Day of Prayer: 19 August 2013

Day of Prayer: 19 August 2013

TODAY, MONDAY 19TH AUGUST, has been designated as a Day of Prayer for the Christian Book/Retail Trade, with a call issued via Together magazine to agents, authors, booksellers, publishers, retailers, suppliers and anyone else interested or involved in the trade to set aside time to pray:

  • for wisdom for the trade’s future: for some specific areas of concern see Eddie Olliffe’s What Future for the Christian Book Trade? (excerpted from the latest issue of Together magazine)
  • for bricks & mortar retailers facing the challenge of online competition and the rise of ebooks
  • for online sellers reaching areas of the country where b&m booksellers no longer exist
  • for publishers making decisions over marketing budgets and which authors to support
  • for publisher and supplier reps out on the road
  • for authors as they write, research their work and negotiate with agents & publishers: visit the ACW (Association of Christian Writers) facebook group to see some of the current concerns
  • for supplier/publisher/retailer relationships
  • for third party relationships such as with landlords and couriers

Where and when you pray doesn’t matter: the important thing is to do so. If you can get together with others, so much the better — for those in the London area who wish to meet up, Paul Slennett of Southend Christian Bookshop has booked a hall in the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, from 2pm to 4pm — and last but not least, if you’re on twitter, why not flag your tweets with the hashtag #dayofprayer?