Fifteen Shops now live on the new network : Christian books direct to your door : Christian books direct to your door

FIFTEEN SHOPS are now live on, a new network of Christian bookshops set up by Eden Interactive (Eden Ecommerce), owners of the UK’s leading online bookseller,*.

The project — announced earlier this year — went live this month after an extended trial period and offers independent booksellers a free, simple but effective online sales solution, with a customised homepage, a generous commission on all sales for the store when customers select it as their favourite, and all order processing handled by the Eden team. It’s a win-win-win situation: for bookshops which lack the technical know-how or infrastructure to manage their own online store; for customers who want the convenience of online shopping whilst still supporting a bricks & mortar store; and for Eden, as they effectively extend their online expertise into the real world. Wholehearted congratulations must go to all on the Eden team who have made this happen, with thanks for their willingness to share the technology.

Discover your nearest Christian bookshopUKCBD listings for network members are currently being updated with the logo and a ‘Set as favourite’ button. Those updates should be completed by the end of this month, subject to time available and other commitments: to keep track, please see either the UKCBD homepage or the Latest Updates page.

If you’re a Christian bookseller, you can sign up at it’s completely free of charge, and — unlike the Hive network — there are no previous account or business relationship requirements; or if you’re a customer, simply head on over, select your favourite store, and start shopping.

So what are you waiting for??

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* Eden affiliate link: any purchases made from via this link will generate a commission that helps support this site at no extra cost to you.

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