Bah, humbug! New edition of A Christmas Carol from St Mark’s Press

A Christmas Carol: New edition from St Mark's Press

A Christmas Carol: New edition from St Mark’s Press

EVERY NOW AND THEN, by dint of its cover, a book leaps out at me from that ever-growing pile known as ‘Reviews Pending’. This is one of them, a perennial Christmas classic given a new lease of life by St Mark’s Press, with artwork by Roger Langridge that would do any Discworld novel proud if Terry Pratchett should ever find himself in need of a new illustrator: just the job, methinks, to liven up any bookseller’s Christmas window display.

What can I say about the story that hasn’t been said before? Not much, I suspect: it’s too well known, Scrooge’s immortal words — Bah, humbug! — burnt into the consciousness of every generation since the tale was first written. It’s a haunting story of transformation, of selfishness overturned, self re-examined and generosity reborn; and that last point alone makes this edition especially noteworthy as £1 from each copy sold goes to Traidcraft, capturing something of the spirit of the book in a way that cheaper editions inevitably miss.

At £9.95 it’s perhaps a little expensive as a stocking-filler; but if you’re looking for an edition of A Christmas Carol that stands out from the crowd, this is it — and as noted by publisher Simon Danes in the accompanying info, A Christmas Carol is a book that goes on selling all year around, not just at Christmas: one you can hardly go wrong with, either as a bookseller or a gift-giver.

A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens, illustrated by Roger Langridge
St Mark’s Press, August 2013
ISBN 9781907062193
Paperback, 130pp

Available to the trade direct from St Mark’s Press (trade ordering info) or via Bertrams/Gardners.