Farewell to Horsham Christian Centre

West Sussex County Times, 3/1/2014: UPDATE: Landmark cafe in Horsham town centre to close

West Sussex County Times, 3/1/2014: UPDATE: Landmark cafe in Horsham town centre to close

CHURCHES IN HORSHAM, West Sussex, have been notified that attempts to keep Horsham Christian Centre open have failed and the Centre is therefore slated for closure at the end of this month, according to a report in the West Sussex County Times:

“It is with a very heavy heart that the trustees of Horsham Christian Centre and directors of the trading company, known as Crown Books and The Café @ The Centre, announce that all attempts to find a lasting solution to keep The Centre open have failed and a closure is planned for 31st January 2014.”

The announcement has also been posted on the shop’s website by Doug Fletcher, manager of the bookshop, who offers a snapshot history of the Centre and outlines the thinking behind the decision to close:

The Centre opened in 1994 and was hugely successful in the first fifteen years of its life including support of both Oasis Crisis Pregnancy Advice Service and the Horsham Debt Advice Service. In more recent years the commercial environment has resulted in a need to dip into the reserves built up over that early period and the Trustees have been exploring, with the churches, ways to address those issues and bring about a transformation which it was hoped would secure its future. Having looked very carefully at these Transformation plans it is the view of the Trustees that they do not adequately address the issues faced and, in order to ease any impact on creditors, an early closure is seen as the best solution.

Doug remains optimistic, however, and goes on to explain that negotiations with another charity remain open with hopes to resurrect the ministry of the Centre at some point, and says, “your prayers for this process would be appreciated.”

A closing down sale begins on Friday 10th January and will run until 31st January or until stock runs out. The café is expected to continue trading as normal during the closing down period.

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