2013: The UK Christian Bookshop Stats

Discover your local Christian BookshopHERE’S A BRIEF SNAPSHOT of how things panned out amongst the UK’s Christian bookshops in 2013:

  • New UKCBD Entries: 34
  • Ceased Trading:  17
  • Closures Announced: 7

At first glance, this looks encouraging: exactly twice as many UKCBD entries added as archived; a closer examination, however, reveals that most new entries were for shops that already existed but weren’t listed. New shops opened were far fewer at five, including two business relaunches/relocations (marked *) as follows, most recent first:

If you’d like to review the changes as they happened, visit the 2013 updates archives page; and if you’re a bookseller whose entry hasn’t been updated during the last year, please give me a shout with details of any changes needed.

Remember, UKCBD isn’t a destination, it’s a signpost pointing prospective customers your way — and the more up-to-date your entry is, the more effective that signpost will be. Reconfigured your website? Please let me know to ensure links are still working. Refurbished the shop or replaced your signage? Why not send in a new photo? Please help me to help you avoid your shop being one of this year’s casualties.