Introducing the UKCBD Scottish Counties Index

Discover Scotland’s Christian  Bookshops

Discover Scotland’s Christian Bookshops

ONE QUESTION that I never saw addressed during Scotland’s independence debate was what would be the implications for the numerous small UK-wide organisations and projects such as this, the UK Christian Bookshops Directory, if the Yes campaigners had won? Whilst the big players were huffing and puffing as they tried to blow one another’s houses down, it was a question I had to ask myself: would I simply continue to list all the Christian bookshops across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as if nothing had changed? Export my records for Scotland’s Christian bookshops to a separate directory? Or even archive/delete my records for Scotland?

You’ll be pleased to hear, I hope, that last possibility is an option I never seriously considered, but the debate did force me to reflect upon the way the UKCBD database is set up and published; and the result is a new set of UKCBD pages including a dedicated Scottish Counties Index, This provides a simple A-Z guide to Scotland’s Christian Bookshops by county: within each county shops are listed A-Z by town/city, each listing linked back to its main UKCBD entry.

I’ve also added separate pages for each county in England and am now compiling similar listings for Northern Ireland and Wales, all of which should make it even easier for visitors to find their nearest Christian bookshop — and that, beloved reader, is precisely why this project exists.

On a personal note, I believe that the UK would have been immeasurably poorer without Scotland in the Union and I’m delighted that the people of Scotland chose to stick with the rest of us: we are indeed better together, something that those of us involved in the Christian book trade know only too well — witness the title of our trade magazine, Together.

As for further UKCBD developments, with Scotland particularly in mind, comments from Scotland’s Christian booksellers and their customers would be especially appreciated, please: what else would you like to see?