On My Way Home: Introducing Deborah Armin and her new book from @authenticmedia

Deborah Armin

Deborah Armin

SOME STORIES need to be told and need to be heard — this, I think, is one of them. I met Deborah in my days as manager of the bookshop at London School of Theology: she was a regular in the bookshop. Little did I know that one day she’d be one of the growing number of LST graduates in print. Her book, On My Way Home, is published by Authentic Media and due out on 3rd April 2015: read on for an introduction to Deborah’s story…

Hi, my name’s Deborah.

I’m a 49 year old woman, most recently formerly a Police Officer. I had a radical transformation back in October 2000 when I met the Lord in my living room back in Palm Beach, Florida. On that fateful day I was seriously contemplating suicide after a series of events that left me totally broken: divorce, broken relationships, financial struggles, living in a foreign country, spiritual warfare as I started to come out of New Age practices, especially Reiki. I was a Reiki Master amongst other things and all the hoards of hell did not want me to meet the one true God that would bring me freedom from my demons. Addicted to sex as a way to feel something and looking for love and enlightenment in all the wrong places left me completely shattered.

I promised the Lord on that day back in October 2000, if He saved my life I would give my life back to Him and help others struggling like I had: abused sexually and emotionally as a young girl, I learnt that in order to be loved I had to be sexual with men; it was a recipe for disaster. Having experienced spiritual phenomena as a child but without a spiritual compass in our family I started searching for answers in all sorts of religions, practices and places. There isn’t much I have not tried and for a while it seemed to be working but as I had encounters with the Lord the battle grew fierce in an attempt to keep me from His truth.

I’ve written the book in obedience to my promise to the Lord and I hope to reach people who are seeking spiritually, people who are already Christians but may still be dabbling in other spiritual practices such as astrology. I believe the book will speak to young and old alike, women will no doubt relate better but I don’t think it will just appeal to them. I hope to reach men and teach them to seriously consider their behaviour towards their fellow sisters in Christ. One of the pinnacle stories in my book relates the day my Christian fiancé tried to strangle me after I exposed his sexual perversion. Since that day I went on to become ‘Born Again’, felt called to come back to England for the Lord had said very clearly, “I have a work for you to do.” So I gave up everything: my lucrative massage therapy business, my amazing Church, my friends and my apartment by the beach to follow His call on my life. I took that giant step of faith…

I arrived in 2002, got the title for the book once I’d arrived here in the UK, didn’t know what to do with it but trusted the Lord would show me, surrendered to the call to Bible College in 2005, studied hard, got my degree from the London School of Theology, prayed, asked where He wanted me and ended up in the Police?!

In 2011 during the London Riots when I was doing 12 hour days and had done 15 days straight the Lord strongly impressed on me to “Write it now” — 176,000 words later I had written the first draft.

Jumping forward, at the end of last year I was offered a publishing contract by Authentic Media. I tried to authorise it with my boss but they gave me an ultimatum: “You will NOT publish this book whilst you are a serving Police Officer: it will bring the Met into disrepute and there will be a public outcry — either you wait till you retire at 65 or you resign and go ahead.” I had an amazing sense of peace, the Lord asked me to step out in faith once again and gave me the date 3rd April 2014.

The book is due out 3rd April 2015 and despite a massive cut in pay in order to achieve this the Lord has provided somehow. My book is an introduction of the Lord and His love and faithfulness to other searching souls.

To God be the glory,
Great things he has done!

I am available to visit bookshops or attend events for book signings and/or to give a talk: please contact me via facebook for more information or if you’d like me to visit.

On My Way Home: One woman's journey in search of the unknown God
On My Way Home
One woman’s journey in search of the unknown God

Authentic Media, 208pp
3rd April 2015