Announcing the Christian Writers Directory, going live one writer at a time: first up, @Ameandme, Amy Robinson

TODAY I’M DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE the launch of a new service from UKCBD: the Christian Writers Directory. It’s exactly what the name suggests, an online guide to the people without whom there would quite simply be no Christian bookshops, no Christian book trade at all in fact. The project is a natural extension of UKCBD: writers need booksellers; booksellers need writers, but all too often there seems to be a major gap between them.

My aim with the new directory is to help bridge that gap by providing a dedicated space within which writers can introduce themselves and showcase their work whilst booksellers — and readers, of course — can discover them, perhaps even arrange to meet them by inviting them to book signings or other in-store events.

The idea has emerged from a conversation in the ACW facebook group in which I raised the possibility as a sister project, with entries to include writer’s name, photo, contact info, website(s), social media links with live twitter feed, brief bio, list of publications and an extra section for anything else a writer might wish to include, basically using the layout I’ve established for UKCBD, with a standalone page for each author alongside an A-Z index. But why attempt to describe it when I can show you? Introducing Amy Robinson, Poet, Non-fiction (Storytelling Guides) and Children’s Writer:

Amy Robinson, Poet, Non-fiction (Storytelling Guides) and Children's Writer

Amy Robinson, Poet, Non-fiction (Storytelling Guides) and Children’s Writer

Amy’s entry is just one of a number that have now been compiled and throughout the rest of this month I’ll be posting more as the directory goes live, one writer at a time. Unlike UKCBD, however, to enable me to cover costs, this is a subscription based service, standard rate £10 per year or £5 per year for ACW members — but advance registration, whilst the full directory remains under construction, is FREE for ACW members (and a few others) or £5 for anyone else.

If you’re a Christian writer who would like to be included, you can sign up via the Writer Registration page. In the meantime, as the old saying goes, watch this space. To keep track of new entries as they go live, hit the ‘Follow’ button below: the next writer’s entry to go live is scheduled for tomorrow: could it be you?