A New Home for Young David

David and the Hairy Beast: Book 1 in the Young David Series

David and the Hairy Beast: Book 1 in the Young David Series

CONGRATULATIONS to Young David as he prepares to leave Crafty Publishing to take up residence in a new home with SPCK who, I’m told, have promised him a much grander palace to share with his muse, Fiona Veitch Smith, and his artistic director, Amy Warmington (née Barnes).

Fiona herself is delighted by the development and has not only bought a new dress to celebrate but has promised free cheesecake and an unlimited supply of exclamation marks with all orders of the forthcoming SPCK editions.*

Existing stock, which remains available from CLC Wholesale, will be distributed by SPCK as from April and the series will be reissued to launch SPCK’s new children’s imprint thereafter. A new series — details currently under wraps — has been commissioned by SPCK for next year: watch this space and the SPCK catalogue for details nearer the time.

* Note from Fiona:

YES!!!!!!! But no, sorry, Phil made up the bit about free cheesecake. I eat cheesecake, I don’t give it away.

Official Announcement: New home for Young David Books, Crafty Publishing, 20/3/2015

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