Joining The Dots Distribution: Farewell and thank you

TRIBUTES AND THANKS along with assurances of continued prayer have been pouring in via facebook in response to this week’s announcement that Joining the Dots Distribution (JTD) has now entered the final phase of insolvency. News of the company’s difficulties first emerged earlier in the year when Gavin Bates and Gary Pettit of PBC Business Recovery and Insolvency (PBC) were appointed as joint administrators but the company continued to trade in the hope that a suitable buyer might be found. Sadly, after an eight week period during which no buyer came forward, a decision was made to wind up the company and the following press release was issued on August 24th 2015:

Following a period of eight weeks in Administration, JTD Directors and the Joint Administrator, Gavin Bates, regret to announce that, as a buyer has not come forward, the Company will now be wound up and move from Administration to Liquidation.

This gives all our customers a rare opportunity to buy good product at incredibly low prices. With immediate effect all stock listed on the JTD website is offered at a discount of 90% for a short period, on a first come first served basis.

This is not the outcome everyone hoped for but is the righteous course of action that preserves the integrity of all concerned.

Everyone at JTD would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for the opportunity to have done business with you and for your prayers and support in recent weeks.

May blessing be yours.

The mixed sense of appreciation for all that the company achieved and dismay at this outcome is perhaps best summed up by David Borg, who said:

It’s unusual, even in the Christian trade, for a company to receive such brilliant plaudits… such was Joining the Dots…. from the excellent service from the staff, to the first class delivery and product they offered. This is what makes it so shockingly sad that the company could not continue. I wish all the staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with (Chris, Laura, Joe, Jonathan, Clive and Roger) God’s clear direction for the future.

To all the JTD team: thank you — your ministry was outstanding and will be seriously missed. May the Lord bless you and guide you into the future which only he knows.

Joining The Dots Distribution

3 thoughts on “Joining The Dots Distribution: Farewell and thank you

  1. we closed in 2004 and i remember how very hard it was…..still is. i wish you all well for the future. know you have done a good thing, you will never know how many lives you will have touched.
    jeni Theocracy, metro centre, gateshead

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