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Launched in 2008, the Christian Bookshops Blog is an independent voice in the Christian book trade which aims to help bridge the gap between booksellers, publishers, readers and writers. It features news and commentary on the trade alongside guest posts from authors and publishers, providing opportunities for everyone who loves Christian books to exchange ideas and interact: suggestions for guest posts are always welcome!

The blog is an add-on to UKCBD, the UK Christian Bookshops Directory — an independent, voluntarily maintained project set up to promote the Christian faith by providing a two-way resource to the Christian community: an easy way to find your nearest Christian Bookshop, and an easy way for Christian Bookshops to develop their online presence.

For more detailed information about the site’s ownership and operating principles, please read the Comments Policy and see these posts:

As well as the Directory, UKCBD features an index of Christian Secondhand Booksellers and an index of Christian Cafes.

This blog takes the site to the next level, allowing you to comment on and discuss  what’s happening in the wider world of Christian bookshops and bookselling.

Thank you for visiting: enjoy and join in!

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  4. This is to stand as a banner of the Lord in St. Neots and a blessing to Britain. The cornerstone stone will not be rejected by the builders again. God Bless you Paul.

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