Day of Prayer – September 2009

This is an archived page for the UK Christian Book and Retail Trade Day of Prayer which took place on Friday 4th September 2009. You can read all about it in October’s Christian Marketplace magazine:

Praying HandsFollowing discussions (1, 2) here over Keith Danby’s comments in Christian Marketplace magazine about the viability of Christian retail in the UK, Joy McIlroy of Ashburnham Bookshop suggested a Day of Prayer for the UK Christian Book Trade:

I am feeling a huge call to pray for the Christian trade in this country. What do people think of an organised day where we encourage all in the trade to take an hour out to pray – maybe even gather with others to do it?

Responses have been overwhelmingly positive and today is the day:

Day of Prayer Suggestions (pdf, 98kb)

Day of Prayer Suggestions (pdf, 98kb)

If you are willing to host a prayer time in your shop or local church, please leave details via the comments below: these will then be added to the list of venues below. Specific prayer requests and other ideas or suggestions are all welcome! In particular, as well as praying for one another, let’s make sure we remember to pray for our colleagues in the wider book and retail trade.

If you’re a member of the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group, please keep an eye on your facebook inbox for further announcements; and if you’d like to join the group, please ask.

Contact Info

  • Day of Prayer Co-ordinator: Joy McIlroy
  • dayofprayer AT

Venues (Friday 4th Sept unless otherwise stated)

Publishers and Suppliers taking part include Authentic, CWR, IBS-STL UK and IVP.

54 thoughts on “Day of Prayer – September 2009

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  2. I’m Manager of Cornerstone Bookshop (Trinity Bookshop Trust), Matlock. We would definitely support your idea of a Day of Prayer. We could offer an Upper Room to those wishing to gather in the Derbyshire area. Please keep me up-to-date with developments. Blessings, Bernice

  3. I am the owner of Southend Christian Bookshop, and fully endorse Keith Danby’s comments in Marketplace. I wrote a report on the viability of christian bookshops to the Christian Booksellers’ Group last year and a copy is available from me at With regard to the day of prayer, could we come together in 3 or 4 venues situated in different parts of the country?

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  5. I write books for children and adults who are ill and for those who deal with grief. even in Amercia, with people taking God out of everything it makes this line of work more difficult..I will pray and get close friends to pray also..May you know that the Lord sees your faithfulness to Him..Be a voice of hope, lend a helping hand and be strong in the Lord..Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you…In my heart and prayers-Hannah

  6. As an Australian Christian author whose book isavail worldwide, I’m keen to join this day of prayer. I’ve also alerted some author friends in the USA. We all write on domestic abuse in a Christian context.

  7. As a Christian author, I will join the Day of Prayer. Although a much extended edition of a book I published in 2006 is now available online, this mode of dissemination is not my primary choice. The printed written word is still to be preferred. May God bless and inspire all retailers with the courage and commitment necessary for the furtherance of His work.

  8. We very much support the call for a day of prayer and look forward to Friday 4th September.
    Our God is a sovereign God and we need to discern His will during this tough time and realise our need to take root in His grace and mercy.

  9. Just to let you know that Friday 4th Sept is the date for our supporters monthly prayer morning at CWR and we will be praying for all aspects of the UK Christian trade on that morning.

  10. We will be delighted to join in the Day of Prayer, in our 3 Christian Bookshops, and would welcome anyone who wishes to join us.
    The prayer of a righteous man (or woman) availeth much.
    Pam & John Gaines
    FOOTPRINTS Christian Shops
    59 Newport Rd, Middlesbrough, TS1 1LB 130a Newgate St, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7EH & 6 Skinnergate, Darlington, DL3 7NB.

  11. Joy

    Thank you for the initiative to encourage people to pray. Sadly for me I will be on holiday on the 4th September but I will be joining you where I am on that day to pray for the future of our ministry. I believe God will continue to bless the commitment of those who see beyond the commercial gloom to the spiritual opportunities our work presents. God bless you.

  12. I’m struck by the fact that Friday 4th September is the date we had arranged months ago for our particular installment of Authentic’s ‘Blokes Tour’. We are privileged to be welcoming Jonathan Carswell, who will take as the basis for the evening the story of the three martyrs of Malatya, Turkey (Jonathan is the author of ‘Married to a Martyr’, telling the story of Susanne Geske, the widow of the German missionary slain that day).

    What those brave Christians were doing, among other things, was running a Christian Bookshop. Although we face difficult times, we should always remember that we ‘have not resisted to the point of shedding blood’, as some of our co-workers in other countries do. Yes, we need to pray for the preservation of our livelihoods and witness in the High Street (and I appreciate this has been set up as a ‘Day of Prayer for the UK Christian Book Trade’. But I wonder if we could also make a point of praying that God will preserve the lives of those who seek to carry on the witness of Christian literature in dangerous parts of the world.

    We will be joining you all, both during the day, and during our event in the evening. Thank you for the initiative taken in organising this ‘Day’.

  13. We’re looking to the promise you made that if we pray and humble ourselves, you will come and heal our land, you will come
    We’re looking to the promise you made that if
    we turn and look to your face you will come and heal our land, you will come to us
    Lord send revival, start with me (us)
    For I am one of unclean lips
    And my eyes have seen the king
    Your glory I have glimpsed
    Send revival, start with me (us)
    Matt Redman 1996 cc Thankyou Music
    currently on album “Prayer” KMCD2863
    (based on 2 Chronicles 7 v 14)

    Christian bookshops on the High Street have tremendous potential for connecting with people searching for meaning. We will certainly get behind this day of prayer but hope to widen the prayer to include our own community. We will be inviting our customers and local church communities to join us from 8.00 – 9.00 a.m. on September 4th at re:fresh books.

  14. Hi
    We’ve got a meeting on Friday 4th Sept 10am til 11am at New Life Christian Centre, 103 Canklow Road, ROTHERHAM, S Yorkshire, S60 2JF.
    Everyone who supports the Christian book trade is welcome to come and pray.
    Ample free parking on site.
    For more details and to confirm attendance please ring Sharon on 01709 379499 or email

    Thanks for starting this much needed initiative.

  15. We will be praying here at Crown Books @ The Centre in Horsham.

    i have already received several notifications from suppliers, etc. – word is getting around.

    Well done, Joy!!


    • thats probably coz you have the same reps as me and i have threatened them with a big stick! No only kidding!! glad to have you all on board.

  16. I will be praying with you at 10.00 am Eastern Standard time (3.00 pm UK time) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
    Gerald Parkinson
    Centre Christian Bookshop, Stroud, Glos.

  17. Thank You Joy.

    We will be praying on that day…..but lets listen as well and pass on any thoughts, verses or words…
    We have been recently encouraged by stories of customers who have come to faith and been encouraged by books and DVD’s ect.
    Romans 8v26….

  18. We meet regularly for prayer on the first Friday of the month at 8.30am in the shop, so this ties in very well with the day of prayer, which we fully support. How true it is that we meet for all sorts of other reasons, but not to pray about our trade nationally! We’ve been challenged by this to pray more nationally, and not just locally.

    Yvonne Hobbs
    Centre Christian Bookshop
    5 London Road
    Stroud GL5 2AG

  19. We have circulated our ‘local’ churches with some details about the Day of Prayer. If anyone would like to adapt our wording for their own use in publicity etc, you’re welcome.

    On our Bookshop website-

    On Facebook-

    We will be sharing in prayer in the GLO Bookshop, Motherwell at 10.30am-11.00am on Friday 4th September, and also during our evening ‘Blokes Tour’ event. You would be welcome to join us- please let me know if plan to come! email-

  20. We at Unicorn Tree will obviously be here and praying along with everyone else – we have asked our local Diocesan E-letter to mention it as well.

    On another front – Duncan from Integrity is certainly doing his bit and has been emailing around promoting the day to both is customer base and other reps.

    It’s good to see this type of movement happening and spreading – this is what it’s all about, coming together, praying, sharing, encouraging and uplifting one another in shared praise and supplication.

    1 Corinthians 12 speaks loudly to me at this time.

  21. Manna Christian Centre in Streatham, London has enthusiastically embraced the idea of a day of prayer on September 4th. Dave Lock, the manager, and the Trustees have organised 3 separate sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening at Streatham Baptist Church, Lewin Road, London SW16 6JR (020 8769 8588).

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  23. As chairman of the Association of Christian Writers I will be contacting as many members as I can to join in prayer on September 4. Thank you for taking this initiative.
    Lin Ball

    • Dear Lin,
      As a new Christian writer with my first book out end of October I am so excited as I read all the responses to this day of prayer. Finding you was a God given bonus and I would appreciate if you could find time to get in touch so I can find out more about the Association.
      Kindest Regards. God Bless, Beryl.

  24. Thank you for this initiative – We will be praying on Friday. We are opening our Community Room – ‘The Meeting Place’ as a prayer room on Friday from 9.45am to 4 pm. but particularly gathering for collective prayer at 10am and 3pm. I have circulated many of the local churches to ask for their support in prayer on Friday either here or in their church or wherever they may be at 10am and 3pm and have had many supportive emails back. We are at 277 Fleet Road, Fleet GU51 3BT (01252 616038). Anyone is welcome to come and join us.

  25. The staff at IVP in Nottingham will be joining with this excellent initiative. We have also asked our Trustees and prayer partners to support this Day of Prayer.

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  27. Scripture Union Resource Centre & Bookshop, Belfast – we’re meeting at 10am to pray. Shop staff / members of our SU Northern Ireland schools team & camps & missions team / anyone else who wants to join us. And I’ve e-mailed a lot of info out to about 100 of our SUNI supporters so that they can pray wherever they are.

  28. As a new publishing company for Christian youth fiction in UK, we much value prayer.

    Will be praying at 10am. Meeting an author at 12.30 for lunch; will pray together then too.

  29. Friends

    I’d like to write up encouraging stories that emerge out of tomorrow’s day of prayer for the UK trade in my column in Christian Marketplace. Please send me any (by Monday if possible for me to make my deadline) by email: boucherpye at ntlworld dot com.

    Many thanks!

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  32. Although I prayed physically on my own here in Australia, I felt very connected to all of you in the UK. And since then, I’ve noticed how much love and gratitude I feel for all of you in the UK selling Christian books. This was a wonderful thing to do, and has changed my heart toward you.
    Confession: I used to feel a bit resentful sometimes at what I imagined was an ‘attitude’ in the UK to my work. Now that has all gone and I feel like you are brothers and sisters and we’re all working at this together.
    bless you all

  33. I came across this blog by chance, and only now have learnt of the day of prayer. A year ago I had a burden for the entire Christian booktrade to gather together in prayer, and I am delighted to have discovered this has now happened. I am equally disappointed to have missed it! I noticed only a few other publisher’s were involved, at least according to the note at the top of this post. Put Sovereign World down to be involved for the next prayer day! Wouldn’t it be great if this common spiritual purpose (not just commercial) could be somehow put back into the heart of CBC?

    • Thanks for your post Paul. Sorry we missed you this time around. We only gave ourselves 2 weeks to get the word round and it was unfortunate that we didn’t manage to catch everyone. But your thoughts are very encouraging… watch this space!

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