Day of Prayer – March 2011

Praying HandsRATHER THAN JUST ANOTHER DAY OF PRAYER, a ‘Season of Prayer’ has been called for across the UK Christian retail trade, commencing on  Ash Wednesday, 9th March 2011, and running throughout Lent.

From the announcement in Christian Marketplace:

It is suggested that shops host their own prayer meeting on that day and take the opportunity to launch a season of prayer, encouraging the local Christian community to make our trade a part of their devotions throughout Lent. In this way prayer for local retailers and others in the trade could remain on the prayer cycle throughout Lent.

Lent is typically a time when many Christians take additional time out to pray, often using Lent resources purchased from their local Christian retailer. This provides the opportunity for retailers to encourage their customers to commit to pray for the continuing presence of Christian retailing in the marketplace.

Joy McIllroy from Ashburnham Christian Bookshop, who came up with the idea, said “Retailers could produce prayer sheets/cards providing prayer pointers for all forty days of Lent, thereby keeping Christian retailing on the prayer agenda throughout.”

8 Days of Prayer: Launching a Season of Prayer for Christian Retail in the UK

8 Days of Prayer: Launching a Season of Prayer for Christian Retail in the UK (pdf, 90kb)

To help start things off, Joy has prepared an 8 day prayer diary, pdf download:

As with previous Days of Prayer (see below), specific prayer requests and notices may be posted here. As noted in Christian Marketplace, plans may also be shared in the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group, but please note that is a closed group: information posted there will not be available to non-members.

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