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Rediscover your local Christian bookshop...WELCOME to the Christian Writers Directory Registration Form.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this project is currently on hold. You may still register if you wish but it is unlikely that your entry will be processed anytime soon.

Please accept my apologies for any disappointment this may cause.

— Phil Groom, 25 Oct 2016

Going live one writer at a time during the spring and early summer of 2015, the Christian Writers Directory is an initiative of UKCBD, the UK Christian Bookshops Directory. The project has three main aims: to help bridge the gap between Christian readers, writers, booksellers and publishers; to help Christian writers develop their online profiles; and to provide a resource for editors, journalists and other researchers searching for information about Christian authors or wanting to commission writers.

This is a subscription based service, standard rate £10 per year (£5 per year for members of ACW, the Association of Christian Writers) — but advance registration, whilst the Directory is still under construction, is FREE for ACW members, £5 for non-members.*

To qualify for inclusion you must have either at least one published work to your name or an agreed publisher contract with details of your forthcoming title available, and you must read and agree to the UKCBD Disclaimer, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

So what are you waiting for? Please complete as much as appropriate of the form below then hit the submit button — but hold on one moment: before you hit it, be sure to check your grammar, punctuation and spelling very carefully: this will inevitably reflect upon you as a writer.

Most fields are optional, but the more info you supply, the more complete and effective your profile will be.

Afterwards, please print or save a copy for your own records.

Please note that as of 18th May 2015 there is a considerable backlog of entries awaiting compilation: please therefore allow up to six weeks for your listing to appear.

Thank you.

Phil Groom,
News Editor & Webmaster, UKCBD
Directory: christianbookshops.org.uk
News: christianbookshopsblog.org.uk/category/news/

Dodgy internet connection? Don’t like online forms? Not a problem: Register by Email (Word doc download)

* For the avoidance of doubt: please note that this is an independent project which is not formally endorsed by ACW. Advance registration is also free for members of various other groups whose members have been separately invited. Unless otherwise specified, free registration is for one year, after which normal subscription rates will apply if you wish your listing to be maintained.

About You
Writing under a pseudonym or pen name? Enter your real name here if you want it included.
Your location is optional but may be useful for anyone considering inviting you for a book signing, talk or other event — either your full address or simply an area of the country.
If included in your profile your email address will be javascript encoded as an anti-spam measure.
About Your Writing
Please use this section to identify yourself as a writer: the categories you specify will be used to index your listing and will be displayed in your entry header. Some suggestions: Biographer, Children’s Writer, Devotional Writer, Historian, Humourist, Journalist, Non-fiction Writer, Novelist, Poet, Short Story Writer. Please specify up to three categories separated by commas: 
You may also specify up to three genres/subject areas separated by commas:
Please give details of up to 16 items for inclusion in your profile, a maximum of four in each of the following four sections. Please include title, ISBN, format (paperback/hardback/kindle etc), publisher, year of publication, price and source for trade availability if appropriate/known (eg: CLC Wholesale, Gardners, Joining the Dots).
Please give the details of any online reviews of your books, with URLs on separate lines:
Please give the details of any awards you’ve won for your writing, with URLs on separate lines:
Social Media/Websites

Please enter details for your profile picture and a featured book cover. If no profile picture is specified, a snapshot of your blog or website will be used instead. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to send images as email attachments, leave these fields blank and send me a message here or contact me on facebook.
Other Info
If any of your books are featured by Speaking Volumes please give details here.
And finally…

By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read and agree to the UKCBD Disclaimer, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (link opens in a new window/tab)

7 thoughts on “Writer Registration

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  2. I tried clicking on “Register by email” but nothing happened. I don’t want to go through all the trouble of filling in the online form again, maybe only to lose it half way again. I’m not sure whether I’m a member of ACW, I get their posts on my facebook page, but have never actually joined.

    • When you click that link you should see a browser download window asking what you want to do with the file, either save it to disk or open it — on most systems the default app will be MS Word, unless, of course, you don’t have MS Word installed. Alternatively, you may have your browser set to automatically download in the background, in which case you should find the file in your downloads folder waiting for you to open it. This may not work, however, if you’re accessing the page on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

      If the download isn’t working on your system, you may wish to copy the file from the ACW fb group: Christian Writers Directory: Register by Email

      Re. ACW membership: if you haven’t paid their membership fee then you’re not a member, you’re only a member of their facebook group, which is open to all.

      Hope this clarifies things for you.

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