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Apologies for any inconvenience caused whilst UKCBD is temporarily unavailable: please refer to the site backup

Update, 30/6/2012: I’m pleased to report that eventually made contact on 25/6/2012. Whilst they were most apologetic for the problems they did not offer any explanation. UKCBD is now therefore hosted elsewhere (with, a much smaller organisation but one that offers a more personal and prompt service). The site is also backed up … Continue reading

Boring but Necessary Notice about Cookies

YOU ALREADY KNOW about cookies. No, not the chocolate variety, the little text files that your web browser stores on your computer’s hard drive as you surf your way around the web, that web servers use to track where you’ve been and generate visitor stats or enable online shopping services and so on and so … Continue reading

UKCBD Updates: An Update…

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in bookshop updates over the last few weeks: this post is simply to confirm that those updates are in progress. As with any voluntary project, however, these things take time: depending upon other commitments (such as church, family and earning a crust to keep the wolves from the … Continue reading