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The Silencer: Paul Alkazraji introduces his Christian thriller set in the Balkans

The Silencer: Paul Alkazraji introduces his Christian thriller set in the Balkans

A NEW YEAR is upon us, and what better way to kick-start that year than a new instalment in our growing Meet the Author series? I met Paul Alkazraji online via ACW, the Association of Christian Writers facebook group. He told me about his debut novel, The Silencer (Highland Books, 2012), so I fired off a few questions and invited him to tell us more. This is the result… Continue reading

News Roundup: Behind the Pages with Lion Hudson | Christian Marketplace “is not going away” | Eddie Olliffe at Christian Resources Together | Customer Care | and more…

HAVING BEEN RATHER BUSY with 5 Quid for Life last week, preparing for our inaugural meeting on Saturday 19th March, as well as updating our church website, it proved impossible to post this roundup at the end of last week, so this time around, for a change, a news roundup to start the week. Thank you … Continue reading

Being Like Water: Author Interview

Last month I reviewed Charlie Fox’s little book, Being Like Water. It’s a fascinating collection of Charlie’s reflections on what it means to be a Christian in a world that no longer understands what following Jesus is about — if, in fact, it ever did. As we’ve seen with our discussions with and about Kingsway, it seems … Continue reading

The Evangelical Universalist: Take #2

Earlier this year I featured an interview with Gregory MacDonald, pseudonymous author of The Evangelical Universalist: The biblical hope that God’s love will save us all (9780281059881, SPCK, 2008). In my introduction to that interview I said that, given the struggle many evangelicals have when it comes to thinking outside the box, it’s hardly surprising that this … Continue reading

A Permanent Becoming

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Christian Life & Discipleship > A Permanent Becoming A Permanent Becoming A Contemporary Look at the Fruit of the Spirit Alan Mann ISBN 9781850787839 (1850787832) Authentic, 2008 £8.99 Category: Christian Life & Discipleship Reviewed by: Alan Mann I invited Alan Mann to tell us about his new book — and that’s precisely what he’s done. So … Continue reading

The Evangelical Universalist

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Doctrine and Theology > The Evangelical Universalist The Evangelical Universalist  The biblical hope that God’s love will save us all Gregory MacDonald ISBN 9780281059881 (0281059888) SPCK, 2008 (201pp) £12.99 Category: Doctrine and Theology Author interviewed by: Phil Groom Not surprisingly, this book has attracted a certain amount of controversy as evangelicals who thought they knew what … Continue reading