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Remembering God in a Distracted World: Lucy Mills introduces herself and her book, Forgetful Heart

Remembering God in a Distracted World: Lucy Mills introduces herself and her book, Forgetful Heart

Lucy Mills is another of the many Christian writers I’ve met via ACW, the Association of Christian Writers facebook group, and it’s been a privilege getting to know her via social media, following her on twitter and via her blog as she reflects on what it means to be a follower of Jesus “in a distracted world”. Read on to meet her for yourself… Continue reading

Marion Stroud: Behind that Book there’s a Body!

Marion Stroud: Behind that Book there’s a Body!

Marion Stroud will be no stranger to her readers or to the booksellers who stock her books, most recently It’s Just You and me Lord and Dear God It’s Me and It’s Urgent (Monarch, October 2013: full details below) — but even they may not know that she is also the author of 3 children’s books and 26 adult non-fiction … Continue reading

Compassion – An idea whose time has come: Eleanor Stoneham introduces her book, Healing This Wounded Earth

MY THANKS TO ELEANOR STONEHAM for providing this fascinating and challenging introduction to her book, Healing This Wounded Earth (O Books, 9781846944451). Eleanor is another writer I met online in the ACW (Association of Christian Writers) facebook group, and I’d encourage any Christian booksellers reading to join the group: it’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know … Continue reading

The Truth Behind ‘A Darkly Hidden Truth’ – Introducing Donna Fletcher Crow and the Monastery Murders

CONGRATULATIONS to Donna Fletcher Crow on the publication of A Darkly Hidden Truth, the second book in her ‘Monastery Murders’ series with Monarch Books. Donna is another writer I met in the ACW (Association of Christian Writers) facebook group: she is the author of 36 books, mostly novels dealing with British history, her best known work being the … Continue reading

Becky Garrison discovers Grace in the UK

Becky Garrison, author of Jesus Died for This? kindly invited me to the facebook launch event for her book — so I invited her right back to tell us all about it. Here, in an excerpt adapted from the book, Becky reflects on her pilgrimage to the UK and Ireland where one of her highlights … Continue reading

Meeting Mel

I met Mel Menzies online earlier this year when she joined the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group. It wasn’t long before her posts and comments began to intrigue me, so I invited her to tell us more — and I’m glad I did… Mel writes: I feel honoured to have been invited to write … Continue reading