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The Big UKCBD Spring Clean

IF YOU’RE BRAVE OR FOOLHARDY ENOUGH (take your pick) to follow my personal blog, you’ll know that I’m laid up at the moment with a broken ankle, which is a wee bit of a nuisance when it comes to important things like carrying mugs of coffee from A to B. The situation does have its advantages, … Continue reading

News Roundup: The New Beginnings Edition

NEW BEGINNINGS: they’re what following Jesus is all about, from life through death and back to life again, and to get the month of September off to a good start we have a series of new beginnings to celebrate — but each has come at a cost. As I prepare this post, I’m listening to … Continue reading

A Christian Bookseller’s Prayer

Adapted with kind permission from One Bookstore Owner’s Prayer: Dear Lord, When we started out it all seemed so easy. You opened doors and directed our paths. We saw your hand in everything in those early days. We have our victory stories. But now it’s different. Changing market conditions and rising costs are closing in on us. … Continue reading

What Would Jesus Steal?

THAT’S THE QUESTION being asked by Ben Myers after reports “from a reliable source” — but dismissed by one of his commenters as urban myth — of thefts of WWJD bracelets from “one of Australia’s big Christian bookstore chains”. It’s a good question: what would Jesus steal? A few lost souls from under the nose … Continue reading