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It’s not the books, it’s the experience

Today, a simple statement of the obvious: it’s not the books, it’s the experience. I know I’m saying nothing new here, but sometimes obvious things need stating to wake us up, so I’ll spell it out: today, people can buy books anywhere; and in a world where books can be bought online or at the supermarket, … Continue reading

Life’s not fair but… my knickers are!

My thanks to Mike Norbury for the tip off on this rather wonderful company,; and congratulations & kudos to Alison Charlesworth of The Well, Scunthorpe, on becoming their first known explicitly Christian stockist — unless there’s anyone else out there eager to declare themselves? Stockists list At LST Books & Resources our fastest selling … Continue reading

Church Times Blog: New Living Oasis Christian bookshops to be ‘three times the size’ of former Wesley Owen shops

My thanks to Dave Walker for permission to cross-post the following from the Church Times Blog, a superb summary of reportage in this month’s Christian Marketplace. Scroll to the end for my own comments and concluding reflections. Clem Jackson from Christian Marketplace magazine has been busy talking to everyone involved in the events following the demise … Continue reading

Stronger Together – Weaker Apart

Stronger Together – Weaker Apart is, as most readers are no doubt aware, the theme of next week’s consultation and presentation day being brought to us by CRE in association with the BA Christian Booksellers Group (BACBG), the PA Christian Suppliers Group and Christian Marketplace magazine: more details in the What’s On section and in the January 2010 edition of Christian … Continue reading

Call for Brewer Creditors to Speak Out

Over on the SPCK/SSG News Blog we have issued a call for creditors to speak out about the monies owed to them by Messrs J Mark and Philip W Brewer. Following the Interim Manager’s call for creditors to submit claims, we now have some degree of national media attention, and there may never be a … Continue reading

The Future Shape of Christian Bookselling

The shape of our trade is changing, perhaps beyond recognition to those who still think of bookshops as some sort of quaint cottage industry where dusty tomes gather even more dust on dusty shelves. The reality that all of us are up against is this: online bookselling with its armchair shopping and lower prices is here to stay. Continue reading