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QR Codes and the Art of (Christian) Communication

QR CODES: we’ve all seen them by now, those mysterious square hieroglyphic panels appearing here, there and everywhere, on adverts, flyers, newspapers, magazine covers and even bus stops — technology at its best or at its worst, depending on your point of view and whether or not you’ve got a smartphone with a QR reader … Continue reading

Fairtrade is for life, not just a fortnight!

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT, February 27th – March 11th 2012, is upon us once again, and this year the Fairtrade Foundation is calling everyone to ‘take a step’ for fairtrade: what steps will you be taking, or have you taken? What are you doing to help your customers take a step? If you already stock fairtrade products … Continue reading

Two Worlds: A Shout Out to Christian Publishers and Suppliers

Discussions Update At some point within the next week or so I plan to post a summary of the recent discussions, working title “Kingsway: Discussion Summary and Unanswered Questions”. A preliminary draft is available in the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group: all group members are welcome to comment, suggest revisions and/or possible solutions, … Continue reading

Christianity on the High Street: is there a better way?

OVER THE PAST YEAR OR SO we’ve had numerous conversations and discussions about the future shape of Christian bookselling and retailing. We’ve seen the sad demise of the former SPCK bookshops (a story that’s far from over), the break-up of Wesley Owen following the collapse of STL UK when Biblica overreached itself (for what that cost, … Continue reading