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SPCK v/s SSG: And so it ends?

SPCK v/s SSG: And so it ends?

THE END, it seems, has finally come in the long-running legal dispute between SPCK and the Brewer brothers/St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust. In a statement issued on Friday 14th Sept 2012 — just short of six years since SPCK announced that fatally flawed decision to hand their bookshops over to SSG in October 2006 … Continue reading

Durham Cathedral Bookshop Staff Start Tribunal

Less than two weeks after the post of SPCK/SSG Two Years On: Reflections and Responses and things are moving towards a conclusion of the SPCK/SSG Saga at Durham Cathedral Shop as the Staff there begin their Tribunal. This action though seems not to just cover the past and prior management (if such word can be … Continue reading

Christian Bookshops: who needs them? Part 2

Melanie Carroll of Unicorn Tree Books, Lincoln, posted the following back on May 28th in the ‘Christian Bookshops — who needs them?‘ thread. That thread remains the all-time most-visited post on this blog and Melanie’s comments seem to raise several important points from that discussion. She writes: Had to join in here and just put … Continue reading

Worcester Calling

Just a couple of days after the tragic news of Steve Jeyne’s death was made public, his widow, Joy, wrote briefly of Steve’s vision for a Christian Centre in Worcester and called upon us to continue to pray for the city. A number of people have responded to that call, urging us not to allow … Continue reading