Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer 2013: Will you commit yourself to this day of prayer to bless and strengthen the entire trade community?

Day of Prayer: 19 August 2013

Day of Prayer: 19 August 2013

FOLLOWING A NUMBER OF CALLS across social media, Together Magazine and CRT are arranging a Day of Prayer for the whole Christian trade to take part in: publishers, distributors, printers, marketeers, agents, retailers (B&M and online), agencies and authors. The date has been set as 19th August 2013.

This page offers a public space where prayer requests and details of events may be posted. If you are planning an event, please remember to include details of where and when in your comment.

Eddie Olliffe explains more:

We envisage this being a focused prayer day for as many owners, staff, workplaces and ministries as possible to focus on the needs and opportunities of this trade and the wider world.

This can take place at set times during the day in the workplace and can be tailored to your local situation. Hopefully, local ministers and leaders together with customers and clients will feel able to participate.

Please make this date as widely known as possible and Together will publish more details shortly.

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  2. A Day of Prayer for the whole Christian trade will be held on Monday 19th August. More details have just been posted on the Together website: This information includes two new prayers by Mary Fleeson of Lindisfarne Scriptorium for use on the day itself.

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