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The aim of this blog is to provide a place for Christian booksellers, authors, publishers, suppliers and their customers — in short, anyone with an interest in Christian books and music — to exchange ideas, news and views, discuss the latest reviews and generally become more interactive.

These guest posts are intended to help put faces to the names of the people and outline something of the vision or inspiration behind the companies, products or organisations. If you’d like to contribute, please get in touch.

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19 thoughts on “Guest Posts

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  2. Please, please please can we have a decent Christian bookshop in the town centre of Grimsby?? We have one, on the outskirts, is stocked only with the owners preferences and not easy to get to

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  4. STL home page – shop window to the world: I note that towards the bottom of today’s home page is an item – the Franlin KJV – that I did a stock check with STL for yesterday (Having first checked the Wesley Owen stock levels)

    Not only is this item not in stock, but I was assured by the friendly customer services lady that their system does not give a date for when this item will next be available. Which surely begs the question why is it at the front of the online shop window?

  5. Has any research been done on the packing chips that come with some deliveries (I note that Gardner’s use inflated plastic bags and paper)?

    I wonder whether the dust I have seen in the last few deliveries from the famous TLA (three letter acronym) is similar in any way to asbestos, for instance – not to be a scaremonger, of course ;0)

    • Rumour has it that the stuff’s 100% biodegradable and may even be edible… haven’t tried it myself, of course: I may be a tad deranged but I’m not that far gone yet. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s used somewhere in chewing gum manufacture, though…

  6. Hello. Just to let you know we’re here – in case you haven’t heard of us! We’re a new Christian publisher who started trading this year. In December, we’re putting out new editions of some of William Barclay’s work. We’re also in discussion with his estate and hope to publish a lot of his backlist in the future. And we do lots of high quality educational (RE / RS) publishing; we’ve taken over some bestselling titles from Lion, which sold well in Christian bookshops when Lion did them. For the educational list, we’re in partnership with Christian Aid, who get £1 for each copy sold. There’s also a very, very good CD of Mark’s Gospel (NIV) and feedback on this has been great. (We did Mark because it’s the most popular choice at GCSE.) If you order through Fairway Marketing, please contact them. Otherwise, please give me a ring: it’d be nice to hear from you!

    Simon Danes, St Mark’s Press

  7. Hello. Happy Christmas to everyone.

    Just to let you know that the first of our William Barclay books will be out in mid January: this is ‘The Gospels and Acts’, covering Matthew, Mark and Luke. I’m likely to put as the bi-line ‘If you only ever read one book about the New Testament, make sure it’s this one.’ Some exaggeration, perhaps, but it really is superb. Essentially, it’s an introduction to NT scholarship on the synoptics, but it’s well written, balanced, compelling — all of that. Good for the general reader, clergy, students… Can be ordered via Fairway Marketing if you use them, or direct from us if you don’t. The second volume, on John and Acts, will follow in the first quarter of 2010 and the next one will be ‘The Mind of St Paul’. If anyone has any favourite Barclays they’d like to see back in print, do let me know.

    Happy Christmas, again!


  8. Dear Whom May Concern,
    I needed your help and looking for christian CD or DVD TITLE :Walking of BIBLE could find any one our singapore book store. I aim is collect for show Evangelism Mission work.I also needed someone to sponor to the church and support other to.Here is our mailing address 15 woodland civics central,s.e 971304.
    plse if any new christian show or Evanglism Mission Church good for us. I think apprection to all and thk read email time begin and still looking for support each other .up to-day say words thank all of you.
    from :
    Snr Pastor Cornelius Khoo
    Marsiling Evangelism Mission church
    P.O.BOX 15 Woodland Civics Central
    Singapore 917304

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  11. Earthquake in the City.Distributed by Kingsway £7.99

    Dear All,

    As you are aware, God gave me a prophecy for the church in the nation concerning an earthquake, see Clifford, my co-author, and I interpreted this prophetic word as meaning that God is going to send a financial and physical earthquake to Great Britain. The financial earthquake occurred in 2008. In fact it started with the collapse of the Northern Rock Bank in 2007 which was a pre-tremor to the financial earthquake in the summer of 2008. We explained that this financial earthquake would occur in the City, and of course, it was with the banks that this earthquake occurred.

    For the last year, I have been meeting regularly with three men, Clifford Denton (co-author), Raymond Hogg and Howard Norton to seek the Lord in regard to this physical earthquake. Clifford and I believe we had separate words from the Lord, but they seem to be complementary. I believe that God has told me it is one minute to judgement. For Clifford the word has been “Sound the Alarm!” It would appear that God wants us to do something!

    We have therefore convened a whole day of prayer for this Monday 9th August to seek the mind of the Lord with regard to this physical earthquake and what is His strategy to sound the alarm? Please pray for us and for the protection of our families. When we proclaim about this coming earthquake we will be taking on the principalities and powers over this nation, for the enemy does not want this nation to turn back to God. This judgement coming to Great Britain is redemptive, that once again, this nation might have the knowledge and fear of the Lord.

    Our meeting will take place at the Quiet Waters Christian Retreat House, in Bungay, Suffolk. If, whilst we are there, you have a word for us, please send it to the above email address, as I will pick it up on my phone.

    Thank you once again for your prayers.

    Every blessing to you all,

    Paul Slennett

    Southend Christian Bookshop
    57, London Road
    Essex SS1 1PF
    Tel: 01702 344008
    Fax: 01702 343749

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  13. I originally posted this under “Latest Updates”, but now wonder if I should have posted it here under “Guest Posts”, so I have taken the liberty of posting it here as well!

    Pen4God Global Ministries was first launched in April 2005, to the honour and glory of the Lord alone, to make over fifty years of my Christian writing available to the world. The site has expanded well beyond its original conception (it is really a Family of Sites now) and includes five bookshops ~ the original Online Bookshop, a Simplified version of that Bookshop, an eBookshop, and two Amazon Kindle Bookshops, one serving the UK and the second serving the USA. It is a thrill to discover this Christian Bookshops Blog, and I sincerely hope that between us we can make my books available to an even wider readership, as well as promoting my website, where many other writings can be found.

    • Hi Denis – this blog is an extension of UKCBD, the UK Christian Bookshops Directory ( As such its main emphasis is on promoting and supporting Christian bookshops. If your books are available to Christian booksellers here in the UK then, yes, I’d be happy to feature a guest post from you introducing your books to the trade. Details of trade terms and where your books can be ordered from in the UK will be needed — please feel free to contact me direct if you’d like to take things forward…

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