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Rediscover your local Christian bookshop...UKCBD entries are under continuous review and are updated either when changes are brought to my attention or when I happen to discover them: if you notice any out of date info, please either let me know directly, leave a comment on the relevant UKCBD page or comment here and I’ll aim to update them as soon as possible. Please remember, however, that UKCBD is a 100% voluntary project and it can therefore take anything from a few days to several weeks—or even months—before updates are made, subject to other commitments at the time. All entries are flagged when last date updated: if in doubt about opening times or any other details, please contact the shop directly. Thank you.

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13 thoughts on “Latest Updates

  1. Hi….wondering what is happening to the Liverpool “Living Oasis ” in Lord St…………last time I passed it was closed……….I am interested and would like to see it re-opened after it sadly closed……I would be willing to volunteer and i am sure other christians would to see a witness in the city center……
    Yours in Christ Alone……Hazel

    • Hi Hazel – keep an eye on latest news in the sidebar on the right, albeit undated:

      Praying for Living Oasis

      We are grateful to many of you who joined to pray with us and for us at our Thursday gatherings. Because we no longer have access to the Lord Street premises, these have had to be discontinued. Please, though continue to pray for us, we remain committed to moving this project forward.

      Also on facebook, last update was 12th October 2011, simply referring people to the website…

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  3. Pen4God Global Ministries was first launched in April 2005, to the honour and glory of the Lord alone, to make over fifty years of my Christian writing available to the world. The site has expanded well beyond its original conception (it is really a Family of Sites now) and includes five bookshops ~ the original Online Bookshop, a Simplified version of that Bookshop, an eBookshop, and two Amazon Kindle Bookshops, one serving the UK and the second serving the USA. It is a thrill to discover this Christian Bookshops Blog, and I sincerely hope that between us we can make my books available to an even wider readership, as well as promoting my website, where many other writings can be found.

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  10. Lovely Angeli Christian Books and Gifts, Magdalene St., Cambridge is now closed. Many, many thanks Phil, for the great coverage and photos last year, much appreciated. Lots of love n blessings to you and Sue. Will miss everyone xx Ivona

    • So sorry to hear this, Ivona; saddened that nobody was able to step into the gap — and it is a huge gap you leave. Every blessing to you, wherever the future takes you now.

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