Q&A: Questions and Answers, of course: what else? This page is your opportunity:

  • To post questions in the hope that somebody else reading might know the answer… or be able to point you towards someone who does…
  • To post answers to other people’s questions.

As questions and answers accumulate they’ll be moved off to their own pages to become a growing resource for other enquirers, indexed from this page. So don’t be shy: fire away!

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8 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Youth Bible

    I have spoken to Authentic today about the availability of the Youth Bible. They do not have a reprint date for this popular bible and are obviously missing out on what certainly for us was a best seller in local schools and churches. Customers still do not believe me when I tell them it is unavailable and say “well I will just have use Eden or Amazon” (they can try). Does anyone in Christian Bookshop land know of any alternatives to this bible that go well with churches and schools.


    Beeston Nottingham

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  5. Hi, We are a small Christian charity based in London, England. Our Director, the Rev. John Ryeland has just published his book ‘Encountering the God who heals’.

    We are new to the intricacies of book distribution and wondered if you could suggest how we get it ‘out there & read’? Any insights would be a blessing. Many thanks in anticipation.

    Denise Colliver

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