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THIS SERVICE IS NO MORE: it has been superseded by the CABP overstocks, wants and offers facebook group. If you’re a Christian retailer/publisher/supplier with stock you need to clear, or seeking stock that you’re having difficulty obtaining, please head over there instead.

 So long, and thanks for all the fish!*

* The dolphins, of course, on leaving planet earth in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Welcome to the UKCBD Swap Shop!
This section is your opportunity to post details of your dead stock and place requests for those hard to find titles your customers want: surely somebody out there has a copy languishing unsold on their shelves?

As well as full bibliographic details, please remember to include your full contact details:

  • Bookshop name
  • Address
  • Contact Person
  • Telephone Number
  • Email
  • Website

And finally, please remember to come back and let us know when you’ve sold or swapped your unwanted tomes, or found what you were looking for!

The Rules
This is a free service for Christian Booksellers wishing to exchange stock with other Christian Booksellers: it is not intended for private individuals to post details of books for sale or wanted, nor is it for publishers or other entities wishing to promote sale of remaindered products (but by all means leave a message in the feedback section if you’d like to discuss this). No more than ten items or titles per post, please. Non-compliant posts are likely to be deleted without notice.

After six months, details of requests/exchanges (successful or otherwise) will be moved to the Swap Shop Archives.

No endorsement of any entity taking part is implied. Any relationship or transaction established between you and any other entity posting here exists only between you and that entity and is entered entirely at your own risk: it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that any exchange agreed meets your requirements. You accept full liability for any actions that you take and for any consequences arising therefrom. By posting here you indicate your acceptance of these terms.


11 thoughts on “Swap Shop

  1. We have a customer seeking for the 1933 edition of Centenary Prayer Book published by Church Literature Association.

    Any offers, or advice as to where else to try would be much appreciated.

    Linda Briggs
    Buxton Books Ltd
    The Croft
    12 Macclesfield Road
    SK17 9AH
    Tel: 01298 79521

  2. One of our customers is very keen to acquire a copy of The Succession of Organists of the Chapel Royal and the Cathedrals of England and Wales from c.1538 (Oxford Studies in British Church Music.

    Any offers, or advice as to where else to try would be much appreciated.

    Linda Briggs
    Buxton Books Ltd
    The Croft
    12 Macclesfield Road
    SK17 9AH
    Tel: 01298 79521

  3. Hi Steve

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately the Powells one is by John West, and our customer wants the book by Watkins Shaw.


  4. Hi there,

    I have a customer who would like a copy of “Treasury of Christian Poetry” by Mary Batchelor, ISBN 9780517223932. None of the usual suppliers seem to have it (except at silly prices!) – has anyone (by a remote chance) got one sitting on their shelves they would like to get rid of!

  5. Help!!

    Desperately in need of region 2 Veggie Tales DVD’s really needed by wednesday of next week for a customer!!
    Esther – the girl who became Queen
    Josh – and the big wall

    No one has them! Please please if you have a them on your shelves please can I buy them from you?


    01522 525557 or unicorntreebooks (at) aol.com

  6. Hello,

    Does anyone have a Large print Hymns & Psalms 9780946550265 that they could spare for one of my customers please?

    Everyone is OS at the minute :0(


    01522 525557 or email unicorntreebooks(at)aol.com

  7. Needed asap – a copy of Supernatural Childbirth – 9780892747566. Please let me know if you have one! – Thanks

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