Updated 13/03/2011

Reopened as Living Oasis Bedford 13/03/2011

30 St Loye’s Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK40 1EP
Phone: 01234 262517

Contact: Alun Jones and Simon Wigg

Former Wesley Owen, Bedford: Shop Saved by Living Oasis

Former Wesley Owen, Bedford - Shop Saved by Living Oasis

Wesley Owen, Bedford, 15 Jan 2010

Wesley Owen, Bedford, 15 Jan 2010

6 thoughts on “Bedford

  1. Hi, Alun and Simon and the girls from W.O. in Bedford.
    Just wanted to say how distressed I was to discover that the Bedford store was closed, locked and empty when I called last Wednesday.
    Thank you all so much for all your time, effort, help and advice over the past few years and for being such a valuable source of books, CD’s, cards, gifts and teaching materials for me, personally, and as the
    Librarian for Potton Vineyard Church. My prayer is that the store will be taken over and will soon be open again for business and that you will all be back behind the counter, the computer and the customers very soon. May God bless you all and keep you in His care and may His Will be done in this town. Luv Jan

  2. Likewise very sorry to see and hear that Bedford was closed, is there any news at all on a possible sale or takeover, local buy-out??

  3. I passed the old WO shop in Bedford today & it has several posters up saying it will be reopening soon as ‘Living Oasis’.

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  5. So pleased to discover the new-look shop in business again when I called this morning. Good to see familiar faces, and products
    on the shelves again. I got the Joyce Meyer book I wanted and will be in again soon, no doubt, for cards, books, mags, etc.
    ‘Beloved, I would that you PROSPER and be in good health, even as your soul prospers’
    God bless, Jan (and Potton Vineyard Church)

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