WITH THE EXCEPTION of Weston-super-Mare and Watford (now trading independently as Life WsM and Storehouse Watford respectively), all remaining branches of Living Oasis ceased trading in August 2011 when parent company Nationwide Christian Trust entered administration: see Nationwide Christian Trust Enters Insolvency (UKCBD News, 4/8/2011) for more information.

Updated 31/12/2011

53 Watergate Street, Chester, Cheshire CH1 2LB
Phone: 01244 317664

Archived Notes

12 thoughts on “Chester

  1. I (Chantal) left Chester in August 2008. Please pray for Ian Vollands – current manager, Helen G, Helen E and Patrick.

    • Lol – forgive me for the humour I found in this when this is a sad thing that the chester shop & it’s staff are in this situation, my heart and prayers go out especially to Ian V at this time.
      It’s also a really good thing that options are being explored in this way for this City by a local indie business.

      However I couldn’t help it that it also tickled my funny bone a little, because what came to mind on reading the FB blurb was a thought back to this…

      and then an amused thought of…
      Well the rumours of internet shops looking to open bricks & mortar stores to fill administrated bookshop gaps may not have been true for Amazon, but the Eden one obviously is!

      Gareth and Gang, well done on being pro-active on this to help with regards to Chester maintaining a physical store.

    • Gareth,

      Just to be clear it wasn’t a criticism.
      Just an amused aside – and even if it was eden setting up it’s own physical shop in this city would it actaully be such a bad thing?

      But it is good to know regardless that obviously there are moves to keep a shop presence in another of our cities – whatever that presence eventually looks like or is made up of.

      Collaboration on all fronts and at all points really is the key I think, and I for one would love to see more collaborative work on all fronts where possible – I think there is more we all can do to work together and build each other up.

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  4. Just to say Chester shop closed on 23rd January there is a meeting with local Church Leaders and Living Oasis on the 4th March.

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