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Updated 26/06/2011

Ceased trading May 2011

117/119 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 4JN
Phone: 0131 225 2229

New & Notes (most recent first)

Archived Notes from the former Wesley Owen Edinburgh facebook page…


closes for the last time at 5.30pm today.


We have a petition in store, please sign up as your support will make all the difference to any prospective buyer who can see we have a vast core of Christian customers who want us to continue our mission here in Edinburgh. Thank you all for your continued support. As Phil Groom posted on Dec 21st “Christ has no hands on earth now but ours…”

8 thoughts on “Edinburgh

  1. Hi
    Any chance you can offer an online version as well as with all this snow I’m not going to make it up to Edinburgh for a little while.

    Best Wishes

    Lindisfarne Scriptorium
    Holy Island

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  3. I have worked in “the shop” for a while now. And have been astonished by the amazing respect ,love and feeling that the customers have shown since it was announced that we were in administration.Some honestly look as if they,re suffering a grief .I think that our customers are wonderful. Thank you Mr Groom for what your doing for us during this horendously difficult time.

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  5. I think that fact that this blog and any facebook entries have been nonexsistant for a couple of weeks. Sums it up completly,we,re all just totaly numbed by the horror of this.The gastly horrific awfulness of inevitability of it all this .!

  6. Hi I am trying to find where I can buy CD’s of Dr Colin Peckham’s ministry have you any idea’s
    yours faithfully

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