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SPCK/SSG Two Years On: Reflections and Responses

Today, Saturday 26th June, 2010, marks the second anniversary of the SPCK/SSG blog. You’ll hear no trumpet fanfare, no roll of drums; and you’ll see no flags flying, no balloons, no fireworks to celebrate. But if you listen, carefully, you may well hear the sound of tears falling… yet listen more carefully still and you … Continue reading

Two years on the blog

Today, April 2nd 2010, is this blog’s second birthday, and it’s certainly been an interesting two years: my thanks to everyone who has contributed, commented or otherwise helped make it worthwhile. Some stats for those who enjoy such things: Total pageviews: 189,156 Busiest day: Monday, December 21, 2009, 4,285 pageviews Busiest month: December 2009, 31,178 pageviews … Continue reading