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Bible Translation: Does getting it right matter?

IT’S HARD TO MISS THE FACT that this year, 2011, marks the 400th Anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, the Bible translation that sparked a revolution in giving ordinary people access to the Bible in their own language — provided, of course, that their language was English; but around the world there … Continue reading

The Lost Message of Eugene Peterson

Received an enquiry today from another bookshop wondering if I knew why copies of Eugene Peterson’s The Message seem few and far between at the moment. Have to confess that I wasn’t aware of a problem: it’s not exactly a top seller at LST; but I decided to check availability of a few editions online … Continue reading

Which Bible?

An enquiry received this week: Hi I have as many have heard that the Bible is a great story book to read.  I have no religious belief but would like to try reading it.  Could you please suggest the best version to read in this fashion? Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated Thanks … Continue reading

Bibles and Bookmarks: Part 3

Delighted to report the safe arrival of a box of bookmarks from Wycliffe Bible Translators this morning: thank you to all concerned. This picture shows them occupying pride of place alongside our own LST bookmarks on the main shop counter: If you’d like some for your shop or to give away at your church to … Continue reading

Bibles and Bookmarks: Part 2

Back in April I protested the seemingly endless proliferation of new and revised English Bible translations when, according to Wycliffe Bible Translators, there are still more than 2,200 languages — representing some 193 million people — which do not yet have the Bible available: I put it to you that if a fraction of the … Continue reading

The Poverty and Justice Bible

Geoff Wallace writes: We have customers asking us for the Poverty and Justice Bible published by the Bible Society at £12.99. However, Bible Society won’t sell it to us because they can only sell it to individual customers and not to the trade. They say that Harper Collins hold the copyright for the CEV text. … Continue reading