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UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Fiction > Tomas Tomas James Palumbo ISBN 9780704371583 (0704371588) Quartet Books, 2009 £10 Category: Fiction Subcategory: General Reviewed by: Phil Groom On Monday I read the opening pages of this book. I read them whilst visiting Foyles, St Pancras Station, after seeing my wife off on a train. It’s a peculiar book and, judging … Continue reading

Christian Zionism

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Israel & Palestine > Christian Zionism Christian Zionism  Road-map to Armageddon? Stephen Sizer  ISBN 9781844740505 (1844740501)  IVP, 2004  £14.99 Category: Israel & Palestine  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Israel’s crimes against humanity must always be seen against the backdrop of the equally terrible crimes of humanity against Israel. But does this make those crimes — its ongoing … Continue reading

The Evangelical Universalist: Take #2

Earlier this year I featured an interview with Gregory MacDonald, pseudonymous author of The Evangelical Universalist: The biblical hope that God’s love will save us all (9780281059881, SPCK, 2008). In my introduction to that interview I said that, given the struggle many evangelicals have when it comes to thinking outside the box, it’s hardly surprising that this … Continue reading

Distracted by Dawkins

My apologies to anyone who may have logged on since the start of June and wondered why we were still in May: have to confess I’ve allowed myself to get a tad distracted by the debate running around The Dawkins Delusion. It’s proving rather fascinating as Isaac Gouy — whose emailed response (my thanks for that, Isaac, and … Continue reading

The Dawkins Delusion

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Science and Faith > The Dawkins Delusion The Dawkins Delusion  Atheist fundamentalism and the denial of the divine Alister McGrath with Joanna Collicutt McGrath  ISBN 9780281059270 (0281059276)  SPCK, 2007  £7.99 Category: Science and Faith As one of only two books shortlisted for both the CBC Book of the Year Awards and the UK Christian Book Awards, it … Continue reading

Jesus, the Gospels and Cinematic Imagination

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Arts & Media > Jesus, the Gospels, and Cinematic Imagination Jesus, the Gospels, and Cinematic Imagination  A Handbook to Jesus on DVD Jeffrey L Staley and Richard Walsh  ISBN 9780664230319 (0664230318)  Westminster John Knox Press, 2007 (208pp)  £10.99 Category: Arts & Media  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Whether you’re a film buff, a Jesus Scholar or simply … Continue reading

The Evangelical Universalist

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Doctrine and Theology > The Evangelical Universalist The Evangelical Universalist  The biblical hope that God’s love will save us all Gregory MacDonald ISBN 9780281059881 (0281059888) SPCK, 2008 (201pp) £12.99 Category: Doctrine and Theology Author interviewed by: Phil Groom Not surprisingly, this book has attracted a certain amount of controversy as evangelicals who thought they knew what … Continue reading

Reflections for Daily Prayer 3

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Devotional > Reflections for Daily Prayer 3 Reflections for Daily Prayer 3  Pentecost to Trinity: 12 May – 16 Aug 2008   Church House Publishing  ISBN 9780715141588 (0715141589)  Church House Publishing, 2008 (89pp)  £3.99 Category: Devotional  Reviewed by: Phil Groom This is the third volume in Church House Publishing’s new series of daily readings written to … Continue reading

The Good Bookstall

Back in 2001, two new websites were born to help support Christian Bookshops and their customers: UKCBD, the UK Christian Bookshops Directory (now, of course, home to this blog) and The Good BookStall. I invited Mary Bartholomew — The Good BookStall’s Editor, who describes herself as “a retired Christian Bookshop Manager, a compulsive reader of Christian books … Continue reading

Wake Up Dead Man – Part 2

In my previous post about this book I said that I wanted to see where Stephens takes us next. Or, to be more precise, I want to see where God takes us next: after all, it’s God’s church, the ‘Bride of Christ’, so-called, for better or for worse. Having now read the entire book and discovered … Continue reading